RUMOR: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster to be Re-Themed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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UPDATE: The Walt Disney Company has come out and stated that The New York Times article cited below is incorrect.

The New York Times today published a piece on Disney Parks and the amount the company is investing to make the parks “spectacular” as Bob Chapek puts it. Within this piece is a Hollywood Studios map showing the expansion work taking place in that park. Most surprising in that map is what appears to be a previously-unannounced change to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

New York Times HS Map

The plot numbered 5 in the map is indeed where Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is located. According to the map legend, this area will be overhauled and the coaster re-themed.

PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 11/9/16 (Star Wars, Muppets, Doctor Strange, Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, ETC.)

Remember earlier this year we told you about the re-theming of the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster at Disneyland Paris, so it’s possible that the New York Times confused the two attractions and that only the Paris version is getting re-themed. Only time will tell for the future of the Hollywood Studios version at Walt Disney World Resort.

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  • I wonder, just Blue Sky, if they would think about a “Cars” Overlay with the Sunset Showcase becoming a Cars Attraction?

    • I love it, I was thinking the same thing the other day. The vehicles are already car related, so it could be quickly rethemed to Cars.

      A Mcqueen and Mater video would be hilarious in place of Aerosmith’s as well. The old video is so outdated anyways, it badly needs a refresh. Plus the music from Cars like “Life is a Highway” fits with the current ride.

      • I was also thinking this would be an easy thing to do when the announcement was made about the new attraction being Cars related and close by. The success of Cars-land at DCA not withstanding. But then when I think it through, it kinda doesnt make sense for any target demographic. RNRC is not at all a kids ride, or even a family-ride, so a Cars overhaul may be a bit upsetting for kids, also for their parents who will need to explain to their children that the ride is for adults, and then also for adults who want care about the IP. So unless, they actually alter the ride itself to be less thrilling, I think a Car overhaul of RNRC seems like a bad idea.
        It needs an overlay, but my bet is it won’t be Cars.

    • Never thought of it before but this would be great. Could keep the car the same but change the theme to a drive in and you’re launched into the film.

  • It makes sense, timing-wise. Aerosmith has been a fantastic investment for them — what are the chances that they’d choose a rock band in the late-90s that would still be around in 2018, relatively scandal-free, with just the right amount of rock attitude while still being kinda family-friendly — but the guys aren’t getting any younger. I’m sure they’d rather not have a situation where one of them quits or dies and they have to rehab the ride ‘overnight’. Better to take the time to do a proper overhaul now in Aerosmith’s waning days.

  • Honestly, I bet it’s getting a retheme. Most kids have no clue who Aerosmith even is! They should have updated and plussed this ride a long time ago, even if you keep Aerosmith, it still needed to be plussed a long time ago.

  • As much as I like Aerosmith it’s time to retheme the coaster to something that today’s guest will relate to much better. Not sure what that may be or what music to use, but it’s time.

  • If you click the New York Times link, the article’s Hollywood Studio overhaul pic doesn’t even have a section 5 titled “re-themed roller coaster” — nope, no mention about the coaster at all. Just sayin’.

  • Disney needs to put in something that is timeless. They’ve made mistakes in the past basing things on what was popular for the moment (Dick Tracy, Mighty Ducks, Love Bug, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles). They need to stay away from crappy Live Action stuff that has a shelf life and do things that are timeless.

    Most of their animated stuff is useable for attractions, even old ones like Snow White.

  • About time they re-themed this dinosaur, make it a Cars ride, a Monsters Ride, an Incredibles ride anything that has some relevance in the last decade or so. And, I hope they make the new ride last more than a minute and a half.

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