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PHOTOS: New Nautical Resort Merchandise Arrives at Disney’s Yacht Club

Disney is taking the time to update all of their resort merchandise this year, a process that began with most of the deluxe resorts and is now spreading everywhere. We recently brought you a look at numerous new lines (including the Polynesian, Contemporary, Boardwalk, and Art of Animation, and Beach Club Resorts) and now it’s time to take a look at more from the Crescent Lake area. Disney’s Yacht Club now has a fantastic new line of items for sale:

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Baseball cap, $27.99
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Baseball cap, $27.99
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Keychain, $9.99

You have no excuse for losing your keys if you but this buoyant behemoth.

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Keychain, $9.99
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Shot Glass/Toothpick Holder, $9.99

Can we talk about how awesome it is that Ale and Compass got an item?

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Magnet bottle opener, $9.99
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Ornament, $24.99
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Tee, $34.99
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Polo, $64.99
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Pullover, $54.99
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Ladies top, $34.99
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Pin, $12.99