REVIEW: Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom Offers New Satuli-Like Bowls, Chicken Gyro

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Harambe Market is the large, outdoor quick service restaurant located in Africa at Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Menu changes weren’t a very common occurrence here, but there’s a continuous effort to appeal to the theme park masses. Harambe Market is overcrowded more often than not, but it used to be worth the battle for seating. While Satuli Canteen has become the undisputed king of counter service dining in this park, it appears to have taken it’s toll here. Harambe Market is now only open from 11am to 4pm and is trying their own style of bowl-meal in an attempt to compete.

Chicken Gyro – $11.79

As much as we like the beef and lamb version, the chicken entry falls flat. There was way too much lettuce on this and the chicken left a lot to be desired. The naan is still soft and fluffy, and held everything together quite well. Again, I would stick to the beef and lamb version if you want flavor.

Ribs Bowl – $14.29

The ribs were a standout item when Harambe Market when it opened, but now they have been reduced to typical theme park garbage. They’re dry, flavorless, stringy, and fatty. I had to put a ton of BBQ sauce on these just to make them somewhat edible. I would avoid these at all cost. I will say that I liked the included salad, which had a spicy dressing that likely will annoy some spice-adverse guests (but of course, I liked it). The rice was solid enough.

Chicken Bowl – $11.79

The chicken bowl is the same, just swapping the ribs for grilled chicken. The chicken is certainly more edible than the ribs, but was fairly plain. I don’t know that I would have this again with Satuli Canteen steps away.

Roasted Vegetable Bowl – $9.99

The roasted vegetable bowl is the best of the bunch honestly. Cauliflower, carrots, squash, zucchini, and onions make up the medley, accompanied with Tzatziki sauce. It’s pretty flavorful and the veggies all tasted nice and fresh. The rice could be a little less bland and then this dish would be an all-around winner. This item can be made vegan with removal of the Tzatziki sauce.

Overall, the changes are negative, but the beef and lamb gyro and the safari cake from our last review remain. If you have the choice though, you should just go to Satuli Canteen over in Pandora: The World of Avatar.

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