Grapefruit Garage at Disney Springs Opening February 2019

grapefruit garage disney springs back when it was called lemon
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With Disney Springs offering up so many innovative dining experiences and unique shopping venues, it’s a huge draw for guests. To accommodate for the ever-increasing flux of people visiting the Springs, Disney has had the need to build even more parking garages. The third garage, named Grapefruit (née Lemon), is set to open this February.

disney springs parking garage new traffic patternsTo honor its old Florida-themed storyline, Disney initially announced that its parking areas and garages would follow a new naming system. Each section would be named after fruits grown in Florida. First came the Orange garage, then the Lime garage in 2016. The Grapefruit garage was originally supposed to be named the Lemon garage, but we’re sure that would’ve led to some interesting jokes.

grapefruit garage disney springs back when it was called lemon
Here we see the Grapefruit garage during its Lemon days back in April 2018.

The Grapefruit garage will provide additional parking for Disney Springs guests and Cast Members.

grapefruit garage disney springs pedestrian bridgeThe garage will have access to Disney Springs via a pedestrian bridge, leading to a landing zone between World of Disney and Basin in the Marketplace.

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