PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 1/12/19 (Skyliner, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Bus Loop, ETC.)

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Welcome back! The holiday crowds are beginning to settle down around Disney, so this week, we’re headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see what’s new!

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

The Holidays are officially over at Disney, which means it’s back to regular park maps (these feature Toy Story Land.)

Disney Skyliner

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Work is coming along nicely at the Hollywood Studios Disney Skyliner station. Earlier in the week, I brought you updates from just about every other station. Some new shrubbery has been added on the far side, but other than that, most of the station looks similar to the last update we brought you.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18As far as the walls go, the station is down to just scrims.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18Here’s a better look at the trees that were added on the far side of the station, heading towards the new bus loop.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18
Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Finally, here is a zoomed-in shot of the inside of the station where gondolas will enter the station and swing around to exit.

Bus Loop

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Work continues at the new bus loop. A new rest area with restrooms and vending machines is now open to guests.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18The loop closest to the rest area and Skyliner station is the one currently under the most construction.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18The middle one looks to be about halfway complete. Some painting has begun on the right side.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18A closer look at the paint work on the middle bus loop.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18Some more paint pictures. The middle area will have a number correlating to a bus destination when complete.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18The third and final loop has an extremely long scrim running along the entire construction site. While this seems to be the most complete station, it is still under heavy construction.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18Just past the construction site for the new loop is the temporary bus loop being used for current guests to get from the park to their resort.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18Finally, there’s a really nice new service dog rest area just outside the transportation hub.

Mystery Structure

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Work continues on the mystery building over by Tatooine Traders. We have been told by Cast Members that this building will be a new DVC area, however it is still unconfirmed. The building is getting very close to completion and scrims are all down. All that remains are planters and some final detail work.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18 Right as I arrived at Toy Story Land to get some pictures of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction, a crane was entering the construction site. The gates were sitting open to allow it in, making for some nice angles for pictures.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18 You can see some rock work as you first enter the land. (The area was double-protected with a fence.)

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18 Many cranes are currently being used in the area.


Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18In this picture, you can see construction workers working on the area in the center of the picture. This is a great example of the scale of this land.

Sunset Boulevard

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18The Sunset Boulevard Trolley Car merchandise stand is currently gone. It is unclear as to whether this is a permanent or temporary thing, but my guess is it’s just gone for refurbishment.


Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18 Earlier in the week, we brought you coverage of the new “Rock The Dots” collection that’s rolling out on shopDisney and around the resorts. Here’s a look at the all-new MagicBands:

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

At Keystone Clothiers, the Disney x Neff collection has hit the shelves. This is a fairly older collection, but new to Keystone.

White Mickey Palm Tree Shirt – $34.99

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18 Black Mickey Palm Tree Shirt – $28.99

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18 Minnie Mouse Long Sleeve Shirt – $32.99

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18Minnie Mouse Neff Sweater – $49.99

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

At the Stage 1 Company Store, these super cute Muppet Babies plushies are back in stock. Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Fozzy are all included.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18 At the Star Wars Launch Bay store, these neat, Pop-inspired Star Wars pieces are now available. Each piece is $195.00.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18



Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18The billboards on the back of (what was) The Great Movie Ride have been updated. Mary Poppins Returns and Ralph Breaks The Internet have taken the places of The Nutcracker And The Four Realms (What?) and A Wrinkle In Time (Who?)

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18The Sunshine Day Bar has retired its holiday menu for the year and now features a new menu full of light and refreshing drinks. That Southside Fizz looks amazing!

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18Another notable thing I noticed was that at 1:00 pm, there were still Jedi Training Academy spots available for the day. These spots usually fill quickly and early in the morning, so it is unclear as to why that has changed.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18

PizzeRizzo has now moved to seasonal operation. Outside is a sign explaining that the quick-service location isn’t operating and suggests other quick-service locations to visit.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18The Disney Junior Dance Party main entrance sign has a new, much more permanent look.

Disney's Hollywood Studios 1/12/18And finally, the Alien popcorn buckets were out of stock leading up to Christmas, but were re-stocked shortly after. It seems as though since it is no longer the holiday season, they’ve become unpopular and Disney is now selling them in the masses by sending these carts out with nothing on them except a bunch of Alien popcorn buckets. Get yours while you can!

That about wraps it up for this week’s Hollywood Studios report! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is coming along really nicely and I can’t wait to visit Disneyland’s when it opens later this summer!

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