PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 1/22/19 (30th Banners, New Experiences, Security Construction, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 1/22/19 (30th Banners, New Experiences, Security Construction, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 1/22/19 (30th Banners, New Experiences, Security Construction, ETC.)

Welcome to Disney’s Hollywood Studios! This little lady turns 30 years old this year, and no Disney park has seen as many changes in as short a time as she. Let’s see what’s changed today.

IMG 7784

30th Anniversary Banners

IMG 7786

New signage has begun appearing for the 30th anniversary year. The official anniversary is on May 1, but the signs and such will probably be up all year long. It’s a big year for this park!

IMG 8080

Lots of (Pixar) characters have turned out to show their appreciation for Hollywood Studios.

IMG 8081

IMG 8082

IMG 8083

IMG 8084

IMG 8070

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An Incredible Celebration

IMG 8073

The big news today was the official opening of the new Incredibles-themed area in the former Pixar Place.


The dance party is probably the main draw for families. It’s actually really cute and worth 15 minutes of your day. You can see our coverage of it here.

Edna Mode Experience 5

My favorite part is probably the new Edna Mode Experience meet and greet. Go say hello to her and she can critique your fashion choices.

IMG 8131

They have a nice selection of Incredibles merchandise where Toy Story stuff had been about 9 months ago.

IMG 8174

They also have a new food stand in the area, with a couple of decent options. You can see our review here.

IMG 8179

This news reporter is part of the dance party streetmosphering. He seemed to be having a lot of fun. I want to know where to get his shirt…

IMG 8201

Evidence of Jack-Jack abounds in Municiberg, but no sign of the super baby himself. Apparently the scavenger hunt is delayed until they can get it working.

But enough of the Incredibles for now. The other major opening today was (supposed to be) the new Mike and Sully meet and greet at Walt Disney Presents.

Monsters, Inc. Meet and Greet

IMG 8217

Mike and Sully were there… but the meet and greet area was not finished on time. It has since opened.

IMG 8152

Because there was no formal queue, the line went all the way down the hallway.

IMG 8218

Don’t worry, though. All the merchandise was available on time.

IMG 7856

Speaking of Monsters, Inc. merch, I found this cute kids hat over on Sunset Blvd.

IMG 7855
Kids Hat – $21.99
IMG 7858
Kids Shirt – $24.99

They also had this cute shirt to go along with it.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction

IMG 7800

Star Wars construction is chugging along. The gaps are starting to fill in on the rockwork. They’ve still got quite a ways to go, but “late 2019” will be here much quicker than you think.

IMG 7799

IMG 7794

IMG 7846

If you want a good view of what Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will look like when it opens, head over to Walt Disney Presents. In addition to parts of the physical model, they have a screen with concept art of the land. Some of the pictures are even slightly animated.

IMG 7847

IMG 7848

IMG 7850

Fun fact: If you’re feeling exceptionally lazy, you can buy pre-built Build-A-Droids in Launch Bay.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Construction

IMG 7822

As we noted earlier in the week, over by the Chinese Theatre, the former Great Movie Ride (soon to be Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway) exit has emerged from construction walls.

IMG 7817

However, the extended queue on the far right of the building has also just opened back up. Not a lot to see back here, but the only wall now is at the doorway.

IMG 7815

IMG 7814

Get ready to stand in this line for a very long time when the attraction opens in the Fall.

Billboard Updates

IMG 7824

Only at Hollywood Studios is this news. A shiny new “Single Parents” billboard appeared across from the ABC Commissary.

IMG 7829

What’s this I see peeking over the gate?

IMG 7828

Why it’s the oldest promotional billboard in the park! This Snow White ad has survived all the demolition back here. You used to be able to see it from the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground, circa mid-2016. The sun has almost completely bleached it, yet it lives on.

IMG 7805

Over in the Animation Courtyard, for some reason they took down the Disney Junior signage for a few days.

IMG 8219

Well, they’re back up today, and looking crisp and clean.


IMG 7825

IMG 7827

We’ve been tracking this booth construction for a couple months now. I first thought it would be a food stand, but it turns out it’s definitely a DVC booth. This will be replacing the old one across from the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater restaurant.

IMG 7835

Christmas has been over for a couple days at Hollywood Studios. If you’re suffering from withdrawals you can always go to the Christmas Shop back by Pizzerizzo…

IMG 7834

…but not until 11 AM.


IMG 7909

If you’re in the mood for a snack instead, this new product line is right up your alley. We’ve covered this before when it showed up at Disney Springs, but now it’s everywhere.

IMG 7907

And I do mean everywhere. Both sides of Hollywood Boulevard had huge chunks of store real estate dedicated to the line.

IMG 7903

As much as I love snacks, I think they might be overdoing it.

IMG 7908

Entrance Construction Update

IMG 8226

Last but not least, a small construction update.

IMG 8224

They’ve started pouring concrete for the new tram loop and security check.

IMG 7912

The security checkpoint has gone vertical. Hopefully the new layout will ease congestion at the park gates once Star Wars opens.

IMG 7860

P.S. The stop light on Sunset Boulevard was missing. I don’t think this blue box has quite the same effect…

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