REVIEW: An Incredible Celebration – Lunch at Neighborhood Bakery (Num Num Cookie, Hero Sandwich, Pretzel Mask with Cheese, Slushies)

Starting today through September 30, 2019, you can experience the world of The Incredibles at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Bask in the world of Supers at Pixar Place, which has been transformed into a Municiberg city block right out of Metroville! An Incredible Celebration hosts a number of neat activities just in time for Hollywood Studios’ 30th Anniversary. To go along with the theme, a booth named Neighborhood Bakery was created with a menu of specially-themed foods just for the event.

neighborhood bakery sign

neighborhood bakery exterior

We were surprised to see a bit of Streetmosphere throughout Pixar Place. There was a host narrating various events and chatting with guests.

neighborhood bakery live

They live broadcast him on this old-timey TV screen projection on one of the walls.

An Incredible Celebration Menu

incredible celebration menu
The retro-inspired menu board for An Incredible Celebration at Pixar Place.
Incredible Celebration food spread
The (partial) spread.


Incredible Hero Sandwich – $10.29

incredible hero sandwich 2

Incredible Hero Sandwich

This sandwich was a standout. It’s served cold, but the Italian meats (pepperoni, salami, ham) and provolone cheese pair surprisingly well with the olive tapenade, greens, and hero bread. It’s one of the better cold sandwiches we’ve had in the parks to date. A bit on the pricey side, but you do get a bag of chips to round the meal out.

incredibles paper e1547828946940
The addition of themed parchment paper is also a nice touch.

Mask Pretzel with Cheese – $6.59

pretzel mask

Disney attempted this treat in the past and it was received well, but not all of their Incredibles-themed menus have been a success. This was the same as the pretzel released during previous Incredibles-themed events and it’s otherwise a standard Disney pretzel, save for the black salt and black sesame seeds.

Cookie Num Num Cookie – $5.79

Cookie numnum

The beloved baked good from Pixar Pier made its way to Walt Disney World! This is the thick, delicious cookie num num we know and love. They’re served warm, which is great, but at the risk of getting a slightly dried-out one. They should probably serve these with milk like they do at Pixar Pier.


Frozone Slush – $5.49

frozone slush

This is a Fanta Blue Raspberry slush with whipped cream and Pop Rocks. Besides the addition of the popping candy, it’s basically your average slush. The cool thing is, you can hear the pop rocks actively popping up top.

frozone slush 2

We’d consider it if we had a hankering for slushies.

Secret Identity – $5.49

secret Identity slush

This is a Coke slush topped with cherry cotton candy and even more Pop Rocks. You can’t get all the flavors in one because the toppings don’t really mix into the drink, but the cotton candy is good on its own. Again, another otherwise basic slush just dressed up a bit.

cotton candy slush

The Elastigirl and Jack-Jack straw sells for $4.00.

neighborhood bakery 5

If you notice on the left, they also have Luxo Jr. straws! Green Alien popcorn buckets are also available at this location.

key lime pie neighborhood cafe 1
Pardon the ashy elbow.

Not featured on the main menu are these two additional dessert options, the Key Lime on a Stick and Apple Cobbler.

All in all, Neighborhood Bakery has lots going on for it despite being just another kiosk. Its fresh sandwiches and cookie num nums are sure to make this a lunch/light dinner hit.

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