REVIEW: New Cinderella Castle Cupcake Debuts at Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom

Cinderella castle cupcake
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The Main Street Bakery has debuted a new specialty cupcake and this time, it’s all about Cinderella’s Castle. The new castle cupcake is now available at the Magic Kingdom (as one might guess), and it’s surprisingly delicious.

Cinderella castle cupcake

After previous experiences with Main Street Bakery cupcakes, I was hesitant, but who can say no to the icon of Walt Disney World? This is an “orange-scented” cupcake with champagne buttercream and topped with a white chocolate castle. There’s also a few crispy pearls sprinkled on top. It’s adorable.

When we tried to remove the wrapper, it became a bit of a disaster. The bottom of the cake detached when I removed it from the wrapper, but you can see it’s filled with a surprise center of more silver crispy pearls. I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to eat this cupcake without removing the wrapper, so hopefully you have more luck. Either way, we now have a bowl of cake and frosting.

The sign says “orange-scented”, which is indeed true. It does smell like fresh orange, but it also tastes like orange cake, so we’re not really sure why it wasn’t called “orange-flavored”, but whatever. It’s orange flavored cake and it’s good. I really had a hard time not wanting to buy a second one. The cake is that good.

No unique flavor really jumped out to us from the buttercream. The frosting is nice, but we wish there was more cake. Seriously, I’ve had a lot of cupcakes lately, and this orange cake is something I will need to have again.

This cupcake is pretty small in size for $5.99, but it will wow you with the taste. And who doesn’t want a cute photo of a Cinderella Castle cupcake in front of Cinderella’s Castle?

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Regina George
Regina George

On Wednesdays it should be pink.