REVIEW: Vegandulgence Ice Cream at Downtown Disney’s Salt and Straw

Vegan guests rejoice! In an effort to commit to more plant-based options, Salt & Straw in Downtown Disney has introduced a new line of Vegandulgence “ice cream” flavors. Salt & Straw’s plan is for their menu to be at least twenty percent plant based by the first half of 2019. And they are beginning the new year with three new vegan flavors: Toasted Milk & Cookies, The Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Split, and Oatmeal Moon Pies with Aquafaba Marshmallows. Each flavor is packed with flavor and made of a coconut ice cream base.

disneyland resort downtown disney salt and straw vegandulgence ice cream menu

disneyland resort downtown disney salt and straw vegandulgence ice cream

Toasted Milk & Cookies

First, we tried Toasted Milk & Cookies. This vegan ice cream is a great choice for guests who prefer the taste of coconut. This rich coconut ice cream is mixed with gluten-free salted chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ganache.

Image Courtesy of Salt & Straw

The coconut flavor of this ice cream is stronger than the other two Vegandulgence options. Don’t let that deter you; you might still enjoy this flavor if you aren’t a huge fan of coconut. The ganache and cookies help balance out the taste, as well as create a combo that is sure to suit a simple palate.

The Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Split

Next, we had to try this flavor inspired by the King. Fun fact: Salt & Straw made this flavor to honor Elvis Presley’s birthday, on January 8th. Elvis loved to eat peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwiches and this flavor does him justice. The coconut ice cream is blended with banana and cashew butter, and there are swirls of marionberry jam and chunks of peanut butter “bacon” brittle.

Image Courtesy of Salt & Straw

Based on the description alone, this flavor would not have been our first choice. However, this Vegandulgence option was the best out of the three. In fact, we hope this becomes a permanent addition to the changing menu at Salt & Straw. Banana can be an overpowering flavor, but it works perfectly when balanced out with the jam and coconut ice cream. And the peanut butter “bacon” brittle adds the perfect amount of crunch to each bite.

We highly recommend getting this ice cream on your next visit, whether you are vegan or not.

Oatmeal Moon Pies with Aquafaba Marshmallows

Lastly, we tried the Oatmeal Moon Pies with Aquafaba Marshmallows. This is a great option for all you chocolate lovers out there! Those who aren’t fond of chocolate might want to share a scoop of this flavor with a friend; it can be too rich to eat alone.

Image Courtesy of Salt & Straw

The chocolate coconut ice cream is mixed with toasted oatmeal and chickpea cookies, which are packed with great oatmeal flavor, and marshmallow filling. The menu says the ice cream has flecks of chocolate stracciatella in it, but we didn’t notice a strong presence of these.

Out of the three Vegandulgence options, this was our least favorite. That’s not to say it was bad. In fact, the cookies and marshmallows were very enjoyable. But it wasn’t as unique of an ice cream as The Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Split, which we strongly prefer. And also got a second scoop of, in a waffle cone!


Again, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these new plant-based options. Each Vegandulgence ice cream from Salt & Straw was impressive and are sure to be a hit among guests, regardless of dietary restrictions. But it’s nice to know that those who are eating a more restricted diet have a new dessert option at the Disneyland Resort. This one will certainly fill that void.

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