PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 2/26/19 (Otter Exhibit Construction, New Pins, Pandora Floor Painting, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 2/26/19 (Otter Exhibit Construction, New Pins, Pandora Floor Painting, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 2/26/19 (Otter Exhibit Construction, New Pins, Pandora Floor Painting, ETC.)

AK 2 21 19 20

It’s a rainy day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Let’s take a look around and see what’s new.

Otter Exhibit

AK 2 21 19 4

#otterwatch2019 is still going strong. We’ve been watching this spot for quite some time now, with very little activity. However, within the last month, the project took a turn for the interesting.

AK 2 21 19 4

This concrete wall went up a while back. At first, I thought it was a retaining wall of some sort. However, it appears to be a whole new mystery structure.

AK 2 21 19 3

It’s hard to get a good angle on it through the trees, but it’s a pretty large addition. Is this for the otters? For the guests? We don’t know yet, but we’ll keep you updated.


AK 2 21 19 5

Over in Pandora: The World of Avatar, they’ve been slowly re-painting the ground. Part of the charm this area had when it opened was the “bioluminescent” ground. Surprise, surprise! That glow wears off when you have several thousand people walking over it every day. They’ve been fixing the path in sections.

AK 2 21 19 7
Old, worn pavement.
AK 2 21 19 6
Freshly repainted pavement.

AK 2 21 19 8

Wait times have been excessively high this week for Flight of Passage. Apparently they’ve been having trouble with one of the theaters, causing the attraction to run at reduced capacity. Hopefully, they get it back up to speed quickly.

AK 2 21 19 11

I feel like every time I walk into Wind Traders, something has moved. Today, this fixture in the center was just floating out here awkwardly by itself. The pin fixture that’s usually nearby was off in a weird spot.

AK 2 21 19 9

They also removed one of the checkout queue barriers. It used to be just to the left of that basket.

AK 2 21 19 12

Walking out of Pandora towards Africa, we walk by the location for the soon-to-be Club 33 in Animal Kingdom. I say soon, but it’s still quite some time before we see anything here. They haven’t even broken ground yet, they’ve only filed permits. Club 33 was originally going to be in the old McDonald’s Dinosaur Lounge in Dinoland, but they decided to go with an entirely new build in a different location.

AK 2 21 19 13

The only sign of work so far is this lone purple flag, indicating utility locations. We’ll keep our eyes glued on this area as the new structure rises from the jungle.

Merchandise Round-Up

AK 2 21 19 3
Coco Mystery Pin Box – $17.99

New pins! This Coco mystery pin box was a surprise release. Inside is one random pin from the set, with two possible “chaser” pins.

AK 2 21 19 2
Coco Mystery Pin Box – $17.99
AK 2 21 19 2
Alice Pop-Up Book Pin – $17.99

One of the monthly pin sets this year is this “Pop-Up Books” line. Alice in Wonderland was for this month.

AK 2 21 19 1
Peter Pan Pop-Up Book Pin – $17.99

Peter Pan was supposed to be for January, but due to shipping delays, it wasn’t available until today.

AK 2 21 19 1
Pop-Up Book Pins – $17.99 each

This is what they look like inside when you open them up.

AK 2 21 19 19

I personally haven’t gotten to see Kevin from “Up!” in the flesh yet, but they still have a whole bunch of Kevin plush! She’s super cute.


AK 2 21 19 14

Kali River Rapids is still down for refurbishment. It should reopen in about a month.

AK 2 21 19 15

While there’s no one in line, though, you can get a really good view of the animals in the exhibit adjacent to the queue.

AK 2 21 19 16

I’ll leave you with a fun bit of trivia. A cast member in Serka Zong Bazaar, the gift shop at the exit of Expedition Everest, told me that the cameras on display behind the photo counter were all recovered from the actual Mount Everest. It’s certainly interesting if true!

That’s it from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Check back next time for more updates on the never-ending otter exhibit project, and more!