PHOTOS: Caribbean Beach and Riviera Resort Construction Update 2/14/19 (Skyliner Stations, Poles, Gondolas, ETC.)

Landscaping work going on around the rooms directly under the Skyliner cables.

General construction at Caribbean Beach Resort is basically finished, with the main amenities having reopened late last year.¬†However, this doesn’t mean the area is free from construction noise yet! The new Riviera Resort, which is being built adjacent to the existing Caribbean Beach Resort, is well on its way to its goal of completion this Fall. The Skyliner system also will have two stations on this property, and they too should open in the Fall.

Riviera Skyliner Station

These nice little artistic details should complement the main Riviera building, as well as the Epcot Skyliner station that this line leads to.

I’m glad I don’t have that room right next to the Skyliner pole. What a view.

Riviera Resort

You can see where the Skyliner station is in relation to the Riviera Resort.

This is a far cry from the original view this beach had, but I have a feeling it will look quite nice when it’s finally finished.

The whole of the building is covered in scaffolding still. Insulation has been installed, but the outside walls are still awaiting paint and other details.

They’ve installed some interesting brick and concrete walls along the shoreline. What’s odd is that I don’t see these anywhere in the concept art.

I’m also not sure what this large steel support is. Possibly related to the pool?

They’re finishing the details on the top-floor shingles. The whole project is looking really nice so far.

Caribbean Beach Skyliner Station

The station for Caribbean Beach Resort is, oddly, at the other end of the property (near the Trinidad and Jamaica blocks of rooms).

The design of this station mirrors the island feel of the rest of the resort. Steel framing is still in place for many of the details.

This station will also be where they store the gondolas when not in use.

You can see some of the gondolas here (wrapped in white tarp), not on the line but currently resting to the side. The cables continue from here to Disney’s Art of Animation.

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Donna Cristadoro
Donna Cristadoro
2 years ago

I’ve been to Caribbean Beach Resort multiple times and feel that the resort has now been ruined by this gondola project. Gone is the Caribbean ambiance that was found throughout this resort. Just imagine being outside your hotel room and having people riding past over your head in these gondolas! I will never go to Caribbean Beach Resort again because couple this with a hotel built exclusively for vacation plan members and the place is going to be so packed with people it will never be the same. Sorry Disney but you blew this one!