REVIEW: New Footlong Corn Dog Stands Tall at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in The Magic Kingdom

Are you tired of all the Mickey-shaped, multicolored, Instagrammable snacks on Disney property? In the mood for something basic and traditional? Need it to be at least 12 inches long? Well, head on down to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. Their new footlong corn dog just screams “traditional American amusement park food”, and honestly, what’s more American than measuring your food by the foot?

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments added a hand-dipped corn dog to their menu back in 2017, but that one has been missing in action for a while now.

The new option is just listed as a “Foot-long Corn Dog”, with no mention as to the process by which it is dipped.

Foot-long Corn Dog with House-made Chips – $10.99

Foot-long Corn Dog with House-made Chips – $10.99

The corn dog is indeed of impressive size. I didn’t pull out a measuring tape to confirm its length, but it’s easily a foot long. Flavor-wise, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s a corn dog. It’s not bad in any way, but there’s nothing interesting about it. It was served hot, and it didn’t taste like it had been sitting around or had been frozen at any point. We didn’t see them making them at Sleepy Hollow, but they very well might have been. The coating was nice and crispy without being overly so.

It’s served with “house-made chips”, which are the same chips you can get at multiple locations in Magic Kingdom. These were crisp and fresh.

I’m one of those heathens who like to eat their corn dogs with ketchup, but alas they did not have any on the condiment bar. All they had was mustard. If that bothers you, Casey’s Corner is just a stone’s throw away with all the ketchup you could want. Just don’t carry your corn dog in your hand during the walk, you’ll put someone’s eye out.

Is it good? Yes. Is it great? Well, it doesn’t hold up to Disneyland’s corn dogs, which many consider to be the gold standard. It’s not too far off, though. It’s definitely the least interesting thing on Sleepy Hollow’s menu, but it’s not a bad choice. The price seems a little steep, too, in my opinion. If it were a couple bucks cheaper, it would make a really good parade watching snack. If you’re a fan of corn dogs, go for it. Otherwise, there are plenty of more interesting options in the Magic Kingdom.

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