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Disneyland Cast Member Blockout Dates Expanded to Entire Opening Summer for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

With the massive influx of people expected to arrive with opening of Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, management has already begun its efforts to manage crowds as much as possible.

According to ThrillGeek, Disneyland Resort Cast Members have learned that their complimentary main entrance admission to Disneyland Park will be blocked out starting May 16th, and these blockouts are expected to last well into the summer. The report currently has blockout days extended through August.

disneyland cast blockout dates summer 2019
Source: ThrillGeek

Cast Members will still have complimentary admission to Disney California Adventure available to them on select days during this period.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland on May 31st. Keep reading WDWNT and Disneyland News Today for updates as a galaxy far, far away comes to the Happiest Place on Earth.

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  1. There shouldn’t be any push-back from CM’s. Complimentary park entry is a well-deserved perk and a crazy small expense for Disney. But SWGE is about to blow admission rates out of the water so they want bring in as many paid guests as possible. If I was a CM, I’d see this as job security vs. short term inconvenience.

      1. You’d be salty to if you truly knew how the company treated its cast members. It doesn’t bother you because it doesn’t affect you. If you were on the other side then you’d probably feel differently. Cast Members work their asses off and deal with a lot of bs and the company only truly cares about your performance if you’re doing a bad job. Good work goes unnoticed. So I think they have a right to be upset, they don’t get to experience SWGE when it opens. They dont even get to take their families to the good park, they’re stuck with the budget DCA. There are advertisements and propaganda all over backstage areas encouraging Cast Members to be excited for it, but what’s the point if you can’t even go? The company doesn’t even want their hard working Cast Members or their families in the parks.

        1. While I agree that companies should treat employees with respect, not all companies give employees benefits/perks. If I worked for Disney, I wouldn’t expect to get anything in return except a paycheck.

          1. Except they were hired with that perk. If you accept a job and part of that offer is a company car, then three months in they pull the car…that was part of that business arrangement.

            1. The perk from the beginning is per availability and with block out dates. So they know what they are getting.

        2. It’s a perk — if you don’t like it or how you are treated then find another job. I am a CM and within my dept I know we are treated good. Nobody is making you stay.

    1. I agree. How does this affect my experience at Disney? What’s new, different or exciting about this?

      1. It will affect your experience when morale of CMs is down or if they are shorthanded from people not wanting to work.

      2. Many Disney enthusiasts are interested in park operations, as well as company news. I imagine you don’t spend much time on the forums to see the threads with hundreds of comments regarding stuff like this.
        This is “new” and “different” because it’s a vast departure from past blackout calendars.
        If it doesn’t interest you, why spend time making multiple comments about it? Just move on.

  2. I feel bad for CMS. This was a perk they were hired with and many use it on their day off because they don’t get paid enough to make rent and go out. Since the justification is that crowds are about to be worse than holidays, shouldn’t they be compensated? There are going to be a lot of entitled park visitors taking it out on them. They should be getting holiday pay for the summer. If morale drops, magic is hard to make.

    1. College interns are there until the beginning of August. They’ll very soon be blocked out for the entire rest of the program and will be gone by the time employees can go back in. Like someone else mentioned, it’s too expensive to do anything else therefore many cast members go to the park on their off days. Plus, I’m sure a little more notice would have been appreciated before the major perk of the job was taken away.

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