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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 4/17/19 (Marching Bands, New Merch, Construction Updates, ETC.)

Big Al would like to welcome you to the Magic Kingdom (as long as you’re here to see him). Even if you’re not here for Big Al, there’s plenty else to see around the park. Let’s see what’s new, shall we?

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Tomorrowland Speedway

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The work on the existing track seems to be either finished or very close to being finished. With the reopening date about a month away, I’d hope they’re nearing the end of their plans.

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The new track section seems to be coming along. You can also see the new shade of teal they used to paint over the murals.

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They’re installing more track supports and laying some concrete today.

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In addition to finishing this Cast Member access path, they’ve still got some landscaping to do over here, as well.


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“Dead Men Tell No Tales” Hat ($24.95)

I found this new Pirates of the Caribbean ball cap in Fantasy Faire (near PhilharMagic). It’s kind of grim, but you’ve got to love the classic dialogue from the attraction.

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Youth Stitch Shirt ($24.99)

Some really cute Stitch merchandise seems to be popping up. This makes me extremely happy, because in my experience, Stitch merchandise tends to be horrendous. These are adorable, though!

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Adult Stitch Sweatshirt ($34.99)

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We found a new popcorn bucket! This one matches the Mickey balloon bucket from several weeks ago. We’ve got a full photo spread of it right here.

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Taran from “The Black Cauldron”.

I love the artist sketches they sell in the parks. They have a whole book of characters you can choose from, but my favorite is when the artists pull out the obscure characters.

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John Silver from “Treasure Planet”

Treasure Planet deserves more love!

Et Cetera

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If you were ever wondering how Aunt Polly gets all her delicious food to her house on Tom Sawyer Island… well, it’s by raft, of course!

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This time of year, if you’re in the Magic Kingdom at the right time, you might get to see a high school marching band traipsing along the parade route as part of the Disney Performing Arts program. This was one of the biggest bands I’ve ever seen in the park.

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They were really good, too.

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That’s it for today! Have you ever seen a school marching band in Magic Kingdom? Let us know what you thought!

  1. I’ve never seen the bands. My wife would love that since she used to be in the band in high school. I still miss the Electric Parade! I wish they would bring that back. It’s the only parade I would stop and watch.

  2. My daughter’s marching band will be there next year! We are so excited to be apart of it!

  3. Spring break 2018 we were in the Magic Kingdom for a parade involving a few HS bands. Had a great seat for the parade and ended up seeing a band from our region of the country (maybe about 5 hours from where I live). Having been involved in the marching arts through HS and college, I know a decent number of band directors and in the region, so I asked on facebook if anyone knew the band director of the band. By the end of the parade, I had found out that not only did we share maybe 40 friends, but that he and I had actually marched with the same group (separated by about a decade). I ended up running into him in line for the train over in Frontierland and we had a good chance to talk for a bit.
    I don’t know if you allow posting of links, but here’s video of that band:

  4. I was part of the flag line in high school and we were fortunate enough to get to march in the Magic Kingdom. It was a wonderful and really unique experience.

  5. Our Whitehouse Texas HS Band performed this week at Disney…over 300 marching kids…awesome

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