PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 4/30/19 (New Merchandise, Tomorrowland Updates, Cute Ducklings, and More!)

Good morning from the Magic Kingdom! It’s a beautiful spring day, so let’s take a walk around!

First thing this morning, everyone in the hub was engrossed in the saga of this duck and her fifteen ducklings walking down the street.

A cast member was ushering them along, trying her best to get them off the road into the grass.

Will they ever make it?! Spoiler alert: yes, yes they did.

On main street, in Uptown Jewelers, they have set up a temporary dressing room. Ever since they converted the front half of the store into an extension of “The Dress Shop” branding, they had been sending guests across the street to try things on.

Seems like an odd fix for a stupid problem. Hopefully they come up with a permanent solution.


Avengers Hat ($21.99)

With the release of Avengers: Endgame upon us, they have this new hat available. Not my style personally, but it seems well made.

Avengers Hat ($21.99)
Mickey Shirt ($34.99)

Also in the Emporium was this coffee-brown colored Mickey shirt.

Mickey Shirt ($34.99)
Aladdin Shirt ($34.99)

Over in Mickey’s Star Traders I found this Aladdin shirt. Reminds me of something from Etsy.

Mickey and Friends Pirates Pin Lanyard ($29.99)

We’ve been seeing a lot of new Pirates of the Caribbean pins in recent weeks. Today I spotted this pin trading lanyard.

Mickey and Friends Pirates Pin Lanyard ($29.99)
Mickey and Friends Pirates Pin Lanyard ($29.99)


Space Mountain was down for an extended period this morning, so I took the chance to go to the exit gift shop (The Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.) while it was empty.

I really enjoy this building, even though it’s not the arcade it was originally built to be.

For some reason though, the merchandise in here is weak. It’s the spot on property where Star Wars stuff goes to die. Remember Star Wars Rebels?

Lots of people have been going crazy about upcoming in-universe Coca-Cola products at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I still prefer the OG alien Coke logo, found at the Cool Ship in Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Speedway

We’re getting close to the inevitable reopening of the loudest attraction in Tomorrowland, the Tomorrowland Speedway.

The new look for the queue is pretty clean. Also missing is the make-you-own drivers license station.

The new track is mostly finished. The new path is shorter, but pretty similar to what it was before.

They’re still doing a little bit of work on the old track as well. Tomorrowland Speedway should re-open soon.

Et Cetera

Mickey is still missing from the top of the Philharmagic sign. Maybe he’s busy installing the show over in Disneyland.

There’s also one thin banner still missing. It’s been gone for some time now.

At the front of the park is this fun poster celebrating The Little Mermaid’s 30th anniversary. It’s a cute way to remind me that I’m getting old.

That’s it for today!