PHOTOS: Newly Paved Tomorrowland Speedway Reveals Similar, Yet Shortened Track at the Magic Kingdom

With the Tomorrowland Speedway opening back up in under a month, it’s a race to the finish line for final project completion. Most recent changes we’ve noticed as of late have leaned on the aesthetic, with bright new teal paint gracing the handrails and a new color scheme coming to the ride’s entrance/queue building. Many of you have been wondering whether this classic attraction (albeit a divisive one) would “survive” the changes being made to it, and today, we’re happy to report that the ride track, while shortened, has remained mostly the same.

We took to our favorite attraction, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, for an impromptu aerial view of the construction:

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 11

Back in January, entire chunks of the track had been removed to accommodate for Tron construction out back.

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 10

Before this, the track layout had undergone alterations in 2011 for the introduction of Storybook Circus. While this seems to be a larger alteration, thankfully the changes weren’t huge.

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 9

That back turn was shortened, but the route has remained the same.

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 8

We had some hope seeing as though they’d left some of the older trees that lined the track layout. (See the older construction photo below for reference.)

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C1433EBE C26F 4FFB 93A8 EC81A7B540A6tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 6

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 5

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 2

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 4

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 3

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 1

tomorrowland speedway asphalted new route april 2019 7

With the track layout finally paved over once again, we should be blessed with the grand re-opening of the Tomorrowland Speedway (along with the noise and noxious fumes) soon enough. The Tomorrowland Speedway is set to reopen May 18th and the TRON Roller Coaster is set to open in 2021.

12 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Newly Paved Tomorrowland Speedway Reveals Similar, Yet Shortened Track at the Magic Kingdom”

    • I’ve never been to WDW, but at DL I find it humorous how this attraction is part of “Tomorrowland”, yet is much more like “Yesterdayland” with the smoky lawn mower engined karts. In addition to being electric they would be better with some sort of augmented reality windscreens that perhaps time, driver inputs, and accelerator inputs aggregated throughout the ride that shows the energy impact and efficiency while attempting the best time. Declare a winner or put up a scoreboard with high scores getting some sort of visual reward or medal at the end of the ride.

  1. Maybe the cars will be electric.

    And drive themselves without a rail.

    Or at least be built with radar so you can’t ram the car in front of you.

  2. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover is a favorite of mine and my wife. It’s great for resting our feet, sight-seeing, and taking photos. I wish they’d bring back the People Mover at Disneyland. What great views that had.

  3. If this ride doesn’t go faster it’s junk. They should’ve removed it altogether and added something new. Maybe I’ll try in July but if it’s the same, noooooooooo!

    • It’s fine. It’s for kids. Adults can drive real cars. When they had the Richard Petty Experience at the Speedway, nobody was interested. Go up to Spartanburg, SC and BMWs track and drive real cars fast and properly. Best school and most fun I’ve ever had.

  4. These additions they’re making for 2021’s 50th anniversary are nice, but the Imagineers are missing out on some rather obvious alterations that could be made. Tomorrowland is my favorite (especially at night) but given the financial resources Disney has, there are many aspects of it which are outdated/neglected and some basic investment would improve. Tomorrowland should not be static and thus stuck in the “future” it thought of 40 years ago (despite recent paltry changes to hide this). I fully appreciate that architectural changes would be expensive, but there are several ways things could be improved there without changing the Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers Jetsons-y futuristic look.

    The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover needs many improvements in the scenery, and most would be quite easy. The EPCOT model definitely should stay, but the static fake hair salon could easily be replaced with something more dynamic. The cave exploration scene could be changed to an active Mars colony with some eye candy higher up in the sight line. The various dark places going through buildings could be improved with some simple fiber optics or LED tape lights. The filthy rooftops could be (should be) cleaned up and actually paid attention to. The feeling of being on a futuristic transport would be greatly enhanced if we didn’t feel like it was being treated like a relic afterthought. If they really wanted to go above and beyond, using the Magic Bands to personalize scenery or just simple text (like “Interspace traveler Dave please report to Gate 18-X for Mars Pre-Boarding” or something like that) would make it much more interesting.

    We’re now at a place where the final scene in the Carousel of Progress is 20 years old AND we’re 100 years older than the first scene. Laser discs? I know Jean Shepherd has passed away and the father’s voice over would likely have to be re-recorded for all of the scenes, but the final scene really needs to be updated.

    Stitch’s Great Escape and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor need replacements in there. The former is closed and I assume something is being put in its place, but both are currently just wastes of space. Since EPCOT is sadly moving away from “edutainment” perhaps Tomorrowland should take up that torch. Something about the actual present advancements in space travel would actually be very cool, and would be a nice use of these building spaces.

    To echo the sentiments of others on this thread, the Speedway needs an overhaul. Kiddie go carts is lazy. Yes, it’s a ride for children, but why not make it a ride where children get to drive the cars of tomorrow? Electric cars with digital displays and ridiculous technology would strike wonder into their little hearts and would inspire imagination. Gas go-karts is cheap Boardwalk carnie nonsense. Disney is better than that.

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