PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort 4/30/19 Construction Update (Scaffolding Removed, Roof Work, and Pool Details)

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It’s been a while since we last checked in on the construction site for Disney’s Riviera, the new DVC Resort opening at Walt Disney World later this year. Let’s see how they’re progressing!

Quite a bit of scaffolding has been taken down from the center of the building. That means the upper floors here are pretty much done on the outside.

They’ve installed some blue awnings over several of the room windows.

On the far end of the building, they still have some work to do that requires a crane.

It looks to be some work involving the roof, or possibly “Topolino’s”, the new rooftop restaurant that will open with the resort.

The tower for the themed water slide is getting some of its finer detail work installed.

The actual stone work on the tower is much nicer than what was depicted in the original concept art. I’m quite impressed!

The ground-level walking areas near the lake are coming together, as well. The stone work all looks finished, and fences and such have been installed along the paths.

Speaking of pathways, the Riviera Skyliner station is finally getting some walkways installed. Workers were moving dirt and laying concrete today. This station will serve the Riviera Resort, and I would presume also the Caribbean Beach resort rooms on this site of that resort.

Honestly, some of the Caribbean Beach rooms are closer to this station than the Riviera building is.

I’m looking forward to taking a ride on this system later this year.

Disney’s Riviera Resort is expected to open sometime this Fall.

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Well, I will say it again, with all of these new resorts, MORE bodies on Disney property. Getting to the point where it is becoming SO crowded, that is no longer worth going there. Body upon body, upon body, ad infinitum! ESPECIALLY in the parks, which have NOT grown enough in size to take in all of these guests!


If you look closer at the slide tower you’ll notice the stonework is just underlayment and will be plastered.


I am staying in Martinique at Caribbean Beach right now. Our second floor room overlooks the lake and construction. It is loud outside in the morning when heading to the parks but thankfully the resort is insulated very well. We took a park break today (Disney Springs and pool time with the kids) and slept in. We did not hear a thing till we went outside. Our room is on the corner closest to the construction too. My parents room next door had some free pins due to the construction also.