REVIEW: Easter Carrot Cake Cupcake Springs Into Roaring Fork at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Roaring fork easter carrot cake cupcake
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Roaring Fork at Wilderness Lodge has another fun Easter treat available this weekend. In addition to the Easter Peeps Donuts, you’ll also be able to find this cute carrot cake cupcake.

Roaring fork easter carrot cake cupcake

Nestled inside the strange muffin wrapper, you’ll find a cute little scene of grass, eggs, and bunny. If you can’t guess, the grass is coconut. I’m starting to think coconut is the unofficial flavor of Easter. Three jelly beans, dark chocolate bunny, and white chocolate egg decorate the top of the cupcake.

Roaring fork easter carrot cake cupcake

Roaring fork easter carrot cake cupcake

Inside, there is a filling that’s different than the buttercream frosting. I can’t quite decide the flavor at first, but it’s strong. I really didn’t like it, but it’s supposed to be an orange flavored cream. I still can’t taste orange, and I still don’t like it. Besides the filling, the coconut takes over the cupcake when you cut into it. It’s everywhere.

Roaring fork easter carrot cake cupcake

The frosting on the cupcake is a coconut flavored buttercream. It tastes similar to the frosting from the Easter cupcake at Animal Kingdom. There is an overwhelming amount of coconut shreds and a strong flavor throughout. This isn’t the type of cupcake you can scrape off the coconut and forget about it. It’s like glitter. You’ll never get rid of it all. The bunny and the egg chocolates are delicious, though. The bunny was a nice dark chocolate.

Roaring fork easter carrot cake cupcake

This cupcake is $5.99, and available from Wilderness Lodge through April 21st. Will you be stopping by to try this cupcake?

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