Roaming Interactive Droid Characters Will Not Appear When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opens

The incredible demand at the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will not allow Disney to roll out some of the interactive, roaming droid characters they had planned on having in Black Spire Outpost.

According to sources, Disney has decided it will just be too crowded for the opening weeks and months at Disneyland and Walt Disney World to have the droids attempting to roll through the streets on the planet of Batuu without fail or incident.

You may recall that Disney has tested these autonomous droids several times at Disneyland Park and even at the last D23 Expo.

As you can see from the video below, even a mildly crowded Disneyland is a challenge for the little guy. Imagine how much worse this will be at the opening of the most anticipated theme park project of all-time.

While this is sad news, sources indicate that these rolling droids should eventually make the rounds when things in Galaxy’s Edge finally calm down a little. When will that actually be? Well, that’s the real question.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens mostly droidless on May 31st, 2019 at Disneyland Park and on August 29th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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  1. Tom,
    All of you bloggers have to stop making excuses for Disney. You keep shaking the Pom Pom’s for them but we the consumer are getting less and less of a product. Star Wars Land was supposed to open to the public, then Walt Disney World will open late. Then one of the E-ticket rides will be delayed, then you can only stay inside the area for a certain amount of time, now the canteena has time limits, and now no droids. Hollywood Studios has been a huge disgrace of a Theme Park over the last two years and Disney just expects us to settle as we always do. Why don’t they over deliver and make us feel special for once.

  2. I’m so sad about the droids not being there but I’ve thought that the droids were a bad idea from the beginning. This video shows exactly why…kids think it’s ok to touch and basically hang off the droid and parents rarely stop them. Watching this young lady jump in front of the droid (a safety and insurance nightmare), and then basically hang off it for several minutes gave me so much anxiety. Watching how she just wouldn’t stop touching it was infuriating.

    Kids can’t stop themselves and parents just let them keep doing it. We have a droid that we take to cons, Legoland, etc. and I’m always shocked at how people treat it. They hit it, push it, one guy even put his foot on it to pose. I’m a mother and I understand that if something is within reach of kids, they’ll rightfully assume that they can touch. That’s fine. But why don’t the parents step in at some point and realize that this thing needs to roll and move? Let your kid touch it, take a photo and then please stop. I’d bet money that eventually, we’ll have to wait in a line to “meet” the droids because walking on the street isn’t going to work. #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings

  3. I agree not having Droids romaning around Galaxy Edge when the Disney theme park opens this May 31st. Of course the crowd’s. These droids would get in the way and get damaged or distroy and a waste of money repairing them.

  4. If they had used the space better and created more rides instead of trying to turn it into a giant role playing game they could spread the crowds out better. I love the idea of the Falcon ride, but I know I’m at Disney…not an alien planet, I don’t need the interactive “pretend this is a real planet” stuff. 4 or more rides themed to different Star Wars things (1 or 2 for kids). Toy Story land is a lot smaller and has 2 new rides. I think the planning on this was a huge mistake.

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