Colorful Adult Lion Banner with more brightly colored leaves hanging underneath

PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 5/26/19 (Celebrating “The Lion King”, Parking Lot Work, Anteater Bath Time, and More!)

It was a beautiful day to be at Animal Kingdom! As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by colorful “Celebrating the Lion King” banners. Throughout the parking lot, you’ll find several different banners with images of Pride Rock, Simba, Mufasa, and more.

Celebrating the Lion Banner on the Animal Kingdom parking plaza

Parking lot banner with Pride Rock

Speaking of the parking lot, there’s some work started near the guest pick-up and drop-off area. Walls are up and the pavement is being torn up just on the other side.

Ride share and drop off area at Animal Kingdom

walkway along the tram lane

broken pavement seen over the walls in the parking lot

As soon as we got to the entrance, we found even more Lion King banners hanging all around. The colors and artwork are just stunning.

Colorful "Celebrating the Lion King" banner hung over the entrance to Animal Kingdom

Celebrating the Lion King Savannah banner

Mufasa and Simba in coloful artwork on a banner

Colorful Adult Lion Banner with more brightly colored leaves hanging underneath

We headed to Africa first, and found a couple women working on jewelry outside Mombasa Marketplace. This jewelry is beautiful and would make a unique souvenir to take home from your trip to Harambe.

2 women beading necklaces in Africa

A long stable full of beaded necklaces on display

The giant trash penguin may be gone, but there are now plush from the DisneyNature movie Penguins available at Discovery Trading Company. The Penguin Chick is $17.99 and Steve is $21.99.

2 penguin plush
Penguin Chick, $17.99 and Steve, $21.99.

It seems like the dinosaurs are going extinct from Dinoland. The small cart outside of the Bone Yard has turned into all Disney Tails merchandise. What was once Duck Tales and dinosaurs is now full of toys and Spirit Jerseys for your pets.

Disney Tails items at a merchandise kiosk

Merchandise kiosk in Dinoland

And inside the Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures, Toy Story 4 is all over the shelves. I guess Rex is a dinosaur, so it makes some sense, right?

Toy Story 4 merchandise in Dinoland

The dinosaurs have been banished to a remote corner of the store. That is, until the great merchandise asteroid wipes them out completely.

Dinosaur merchandise

The trees have been removed along the path between Africa and Pandora so the bright blue sky is an interesting change of scenery. I can hear things happening, but I can’t see much of the future Club 33 site.

Trees are gone, a mound of dirt and construction equipment is barely visible over the fence

We made our way to Pandora and came across someone from the Pandora Conservation Initiative talking to guests and showing them how to interact with the giant Flaska Reclinata.

Flaska Reclinata with guests interacting

A new animated Aladdin pin set was spotted in Discovery Trading Company. This 4 pin set is $29.99

4 pin set of animated Genie an Carpet, Abu, Aladdin, and Jasmine

The highlight of my day was this Cast Member giving a Southern Anteater a bath. He was loving it! It was fun to watch him rolling around and enjoying the nice refreshing water. I kinda want someone to spray me with a hose, too.

Anteater enjoying a hosing from a cast member

A large anteater getting sprayed with a hose

Well, it’s been a long and hot day here at Animal Kingdom. I’m grabbing a safari out of here. Until next time, kwaharini!