PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 5/23/19 (Character Puff Ball Keychains, Pandora Painting, Club 33 Progress, and More!)

The summer heat has ARRIVED at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in full force. Let’s get this photo report started before I climb the wall in the Otter Grotto and join them for a swim to cool down.

disneys animal kingdom tree of life

disneys animal kingdom

(Petition to make this bike wall the next Instagram wall. Hashtag DAKbikewall. #DAKbikewall.)

expedition Everest

disneys animal kingdom Africa harambe

animal kingdom
Where do I sign up?

expedition Everest

Okay, I think I’m done with just the pretty photo spam, but I’m sorry, Animal Kingdom is just so aesthetically pleasing!

puff ball keychains

Walking through Discovery Trading Company, I came across these cute new lil puff ball keychains, inspired by Stitch, Minnie Mouse, and Rainbow Unicorn (I loved her in Fairy Dream Adventure Part 7). These retail for $9.99 and honestly, Rainbow Unicorn might have to come home with me. They were all SO soft.

stitch plush
Stitch on a Stitch on a Stitch.

pandora painting

Over on Pandora, they’re still doing work getting the all of the bioluminescence on the ground repainted. There was a huge section blocked off this morning, and the scent of paint hung very strongly in the air throughout most of the land.

pandora painting

pandora painting

pandora creatures

I also checked in on these little Pandoran creatures, and all three of them were spitting water today, something I hadn’t seen in a while. They had either not been spraying water at all, or just one or two of them were, so it was nice to see everyone join the water spouting party today.

bird cupcake

The Bird Cupcake that we had spotted at Restaurantosaurus last week has migrated over to Creature Comforts as well, but it looks like this particular one isn’t faring as good in the heat and his beak slid right off, oops.

animal kingdom club 33

Work seems to be coming along on the new Club 33 location on the pathway in between Pandora and Festival of the Lion King. You can see that they’ve cleared a lot of the land behind those scrims.

animal kingdom club 33

animal kingdom club 33

harambe market

That wraps up my day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and from the Harambe Market, WDWNT, and me, I hope you Have A Fine Day!

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  1. Love the photo spam, wish you guys did more “photo tours” from around the parks. Love to sit at my desk a scroll thru, it stirs up a lot of memories of past trips. If I had a vote I’d say more scenic pics and less construction pics.

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