PHOTOS: New Color Scheme Continues to Expand Throughout Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom

Many of the walls around Tomorrowland have received new paint over the last few weeks. We watched the paint around Mickey’s Star Traders and Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies as they changed into the new orange and teal colors. Now it seems that same color scheme seems to be expanding through the rest of Tomorrowland.

Walls around tomorrowland getting a new coat of paint

Tomorrowland walls painted two shades of orange, but marked for more paint

The walls outside of the Stitch meet and greet were recently marked for painting. Now we find that painting has started with two shades of orange.

Views of the orange paint from the PeopleMover

The view from the PeopleMover puts a different perspective on the paint job.

View from the people mover

Remember that time I leaned against a wall and got stuck? The wall to the right of the entrance to Merchant of Venus has been painted teal. The other side and area above the doorway have been marked for more painting.

Merchant of Venus entrance

Markings for painting around the entrance of Merchant of Venus

It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Lines are marked for painting

I really like the teal color with the white. I have a feeling orange is coming next.

Entrance of Merchant of Venus has a teal coat of paint on one side

Merchant of Venus has a teal coat of paint on one side

Another pattern is marked above the doorway to Merchant of Venus.

Lines are marked for future painting over the doorway of Merchant of Venus

While riding the PeopleMover, we even noticed the walls up here are marked for painting.

Lines for painting on the walls above Merchant of Venus

PeopleMover walls in Tomorrowland marked for painting

What do you think of the new paint scheme around Tomorrowland? Are you a fan of the new orange and teal?

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS: New Color Scheme Continues to Expand Throughout Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. I love the new color scheme. Those are my two favorite colors. They kind of remind me of the ’70s, of course that would make ‘Tomorrowland’ seem like it’s going back in time. But, I trust Disney. They will work it out so it’s all for the best. Bryan

  2. I love it! I honestly think to fix the problem of Tomorrowland having to have constant updates is to make it a “tomorrow”land from a retro perspective that only needs slight tweaking. It seems this is what they’re going for too with the updated retro signs and an older looking color scheme like Bryan pointed out in the comments. Looking great!

  3. I hope the retro feel continues! Jetson style tomorrow land will ensure it’ll stay classic and gorgeous.

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