PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 5/21/19 (Park Entrance Construction, Japan Restaurant Progress, Strange World Showcase Candy, and More!)

It’s a fine summer day. A good day for a trip around the world––both Future World and World Showcase. Let’s see what’s happening in Epcot today!

Park Entrance Changes

You may have noticed if you’ve been to Epcot recently that there are quite a few construction walls up around the entrance. They’re currently working on improvements for the tram loop and security areas. Here you can see the old tram loop is down to just dirt at the moment.

These improvements will extend to just inside the park, as well. Walls just went up for the removal of the Leave-a-Legacy monuments. Good riddance, I say.

Future World

There doesn’t seem to be much going on in the old Universe of Energy building. The Guardians of the Galaxy queue will be here eventually, but for now, it’s still an empty shell.

This worker was adding what looked like a wooden support or something similar to the old building frame. No idea what it’s for, but hey, that’s progress!

Most of the work on the upcoming space-themed restaurant will on the inside, shielded from view, but the outside is still getting some progress. They have scaffolding up to work on the exterior. They claim it will be open this year. Good luck, I say!

Youth T-shirt ($19.99)

I found this youth t-shirt in Mouse Gear. I think the puns are getting out of hand.

World Showcase

Early in the morning is a great time to visit World Showcase. Most guests are still puttering around Future World before noon. The low crowds in the area give you a chance to enjoy the small details of the countries.

The United Kingdom specifically has some really nice small flourishes.

I also found this planter with the amazing ability to grow plants upside down.

Today’s odd product placement choice goes to the France pavilion. In Les Vins de France, the wine shop, they had these shoe-shaped gummies.

Not only are these just really weird, they’re not even French.

But if you want really weird stuff, head on over to my favorite spot in all of Epcot: the Mitsukoshi department store in Japan.

They’re pretty well known for their odd selection (by American standards) of snacks.

Avoid anything with English on it, though. Those are made for American distribution. Boring!

You have to seek out the stuff with only Japanese on it. Those are the good ones.

You can tell it’s made for the Japanese first and foremost because they have to slap a U.S. nutritional facts sticker over the back when it’s imported.

All Raisin? Don’t mind if I do.

About 75% of the store is pretty standard stuff, but the closer you look, the weirder things get.

How about these animal skin care face masks? Take your pick; dog or cat.

Just outside, the new restaurant here is moving along steadily. They’re adding a few details.

I noticed some sprinklers installed in the hill adjacent to the entrance.

Some decorative stones are here as well. Calming Japanese garden? I hope so.

Looks like all the brick replacement is finished in The American Adventure. Looking good!

Over in Mexico, they’re doing some work on a few of the lamps inside.

Not exactly a professional way to cover up a missing lamp post, but I’ll give them a pass: it’s usually pretty dark in there. Only people like me would notice.

Last but not least, the Disney Skyliner station at International gateway is looking classy! This whole area feels a lot bigger with the walls down.

That’s about it for today! I hope you’re ready for lots of construction walls in Epcot over the next few years. These are just the beginning! There are big changes on the horizon, and we’ll be here to cover all of it!


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