PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/25/19 (Tomorrowland Updates, Castle Walkway Progress, Pirates Merch, and More!)

Come with me as we take a lap around the Magic Kingdom and see what changes they have in store for us today!

Tomorrowland Updates

First thing’s first. Make sure you check out the latest paint on the Merchant of Venus store, as well as the latest TRON coaster construction updates!

With the Tomorrowland Speedway finally reopened, this stretch of Tomorrowland should be about finished with changes for the near future. They finished up the concrete replacement along here, and it looks like they have a few more blocks to replace towards Fantasyland.

Liberty Square

The castle pathway expansion continues. The walls are slowly rising out of the dirt.

It’s kind of a mess right now, with the whole area blocked off during construction. I can’t wait until this is finished. Not just for the widened pathway, but so I have somewhere to sit when I eat my waffles from Sleepy Hollow!

While we’re in Liberty Square, let’s take a look in the shops. The interesting thing Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe is that depending on the time of year, it becomes a catch-all holiday shop. At the beginning of the year, you’ll find lots of dated merchandise for ringing in the New Year.

Right now, they have tons of Americana stuff, for Memorial Day and eventually Independence Day.

Also in this shop is the one piece of evidence that the Muppets perform across the street several times a day. Muppet Babies! (They’ll make your dreams come true.)

Et Cetera

The new Aladdin film comes out this week, and there are tons of opportunities to buy Aladdin merchandise in the park right now. Several new pins have appeared over the last several weeks.

Aladdin Pin ($12.99)

Today’s selection is this fun one, featuring Aladdin, Jafar, Genie and Abu.

Mickey is still missing from the top of Philharmagic. Maybe if I stop looking, he’ll just reappear.

Same with this missing banner.

Youth Ear Hat ($17.99)

Another line of merchandise that’s been trickling in is this fun Mickey and Friends Pirates of the Caribbean merch.

Youth Ear Hat ($17.99)
Youth Dress ($34.99)
Youth Dress ($34.99)
Youth Shirt ($24.99)

It’s a cute series, I think.

That’s all for today. Thanks for joining me. We’ll keep you posted on anything new in Magic Kingdom, be it big or small.

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  1. I wish that kid’s Minnie pirate dress came in adult size, it’s very cute!

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