REVIEW: House-made Sorghum Black Pepper, Coconut Avocado, and Chocolate Bourbon Ice Cream at The Basket in Disney Springs

Well, leave it to The Basket at Wine Bar George to take a fan favorite and make it even better. First, they brought us a new way to enjoy boozy Dole Whip, but now they’ve changed the game for ice cream lovers, too.

They make the ice cream in-house, and the flavors all sound incredible. Of course, they’ve got your typical vanilla, but as we heard the entire list of flavors, our eyes widened and our mouths began to water. We have our choice of Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Bacon, Chocolate Bourbon, Coconut Avocado, and Sorghum Black Pepper. Whoa. Those last three sound like winners to me.

House-made Ice Cream at The Basket (Wine Bar George)

Coconut Avocado – $3.00

This green delight is just what I need to beat the heat. The presentation is lovely, served with a chunk of candied lime on top. Much to my relief, there was no coconut added. Perfection.

The flavor is creamy and delicious, thanks to the existing fats in the avocado and coconut. I didn’t really taste much coconut flavor, but I’m sure it’s more of a compliment to the avocado than an overpowering taste. It’s not very sweet, either, which is a nice change of pace.

The candied lime piece adds a nice burst of flavor and was definitely my favorite part. I would order this again anytime.

Sorghum Black Pepper – $3.00

Sorghum Black Pepper sounded a little intimidating at first, since I expected it to be spicy. Quite the contrary, it is creamy and smooth, with a taste similar to a malt. The flavor is light, but almost resembles a rich caramel or sweet molasses taste.

As the name implies, it is sprinkled with a dash of black pepper.

Chocolate Bourbon – $3.00

The Chocolate Bourbon was also good, but probably my least favorite of the three. The first bite tasted like regular double chocolate ice cream. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to say much beyond that, but a few more bites later, and the bourbon was the prominent flavor. It was almost too strong towards the end, but I still enjoyed the taste.

The housemade ice cream from The Basket might be my new favorite Disney Springs treat. The portions are tiny, but for $3 a scoop, it allows you to get a nice sampling of the unique ice cream flavors. If you’re looking to branch out beyond the typical Mickey Bar, make sure you stop by The Basket and grab yourself one of these new flavors! Which one do you want try?