Multiple Experience Option For FASTPASS Discontinued, Replacement FASTPASS With Tiers Goes Into Effect on Disneyland App


Mobile Replacement FastPass Disneyland App

Multiple Experience Option For FASTPASS Discontinued, Replacement FASTPASS With Tiers Goes Into Effect on Disneyland App

With the official opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on May 31st comes several changes at the Disneyland Resort. Many of those changes have involved enhancements to the physical aspects of Disneyland Park, like refurbishing Sleeping Beauty Castle and changing curbs to have slower inclines. But that’s not all. Changes have recently gone into effect on the Disneyland App, involving the new Replacement FASTPASS experience.

Mobile Replacement FastPass Disneyland App


Mobile Replacement FastPass Disneyland App

Guests of the Disneyland Resort can redeem FASTPASS for attractions either in person at designated kiosks or on their smartphones by using the Disneyland App and paying for the MaxPass system. In the past, when a guest had a FASTPASS for an attraction that temporarily closed at the time of redemption, the Disneyland App replaced the FASTPASS with a Multiple Experience.

Multiple Experience allowed guests to use their FASTPASS at any FASTPASS attraction throughout either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. However, Multiple Experience has since been replaced with a tiered system called Replacement FASTPASS.

Mobile Replacement FastPass Disneyland App

With the new Replacement FASTPASS, guests will only be able to use their FASTPASS on an attraction that falls into the same tier as the initial attraction they obtained their FASTPASS for. For example, if you redeem a FASTPASS for Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters (a Tier 2 attraction) and it temporarily closes, you cannot use the FASTPASS on a Tier 1 attraction, like Space Mountain.

Most FASTPASS attractions are in Tier 2, however, there are some in Tier 1. They include Indiana Jones Adventure, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Space Mountain at Disneyland Park. And Radiator Springs Racers and Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney California Adventure.

How do you feel about this new tiered system to FASTPASS at Disneyland Resort?


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20 thoughts on “Multiple Experience Option For FASTPASS Discontinued, Replacement FASTPASS With Tiers Goes Into Effect on Disneyland App”

  1. If they’re going to do something this ridiculous, can’t they at least be a tiny bit creative and use “E Ticket,” “D Ticket,” “C Ticket” instead of “tiers”?

    Disneyland is clearly ruled by money-hungry bureaucrats, sadly.

  2. This isn’t new? Multiple Experiences always had restrictions on where you could use the fastpass.

  3. Grandma I’m gonna need another ticket book please! (Tier 1 = E ticket, feels just like the old days). I don’t have a problem with the new policy. I sure appreciated having the Fastpass on my phone during our most recent visit.

  4. It also restricts it per park. We had a ride breakdown at Disneyland and couldn’t use the replacement fast pass at CA Adventure. Then had the Incredicoaster breakdown but couldn’t use that fast pass at Toy Story Mania. It works fine but you have to know to click on it to see where you can use it (it didn’t seem obviously clear that it was restricted).

  5. They are really only making this clear, but this is how it has been for a few months now (not always consistently, but on and off), nothing really new here.

  6. Makes sense operationally, and I think I’m okay with it, but wow! I’m sure a handfull of people will not like this at all.

  7. More bureaucracy and let’s face it since the ride went down go for great custody experience and drop the tier. What a joke.

  8. It’s amazing how Disney is charging whatever they want, changing whatever they want, and people STILL engage. Wow.

    • I am not. My family is cancelling our passes. It wouldn’t be a big deal if Disney didn’t charge for MaxPass but $100/annual pass and there are restrictions is ridiculous.

  9. I don’t think it’s right. I wait in line for an hour then the ride breaks, not my fault and completely unpredictable. Now I can’t go on any other ride I want to go on with my replacement fast pass. Does not make me happy. Also, staff did not explain this when my fastpass was reissued.

  10. Lol, it is the old Ticket Book “tiers!” Except, of course, you can’t beg your grandparents to get another book (with more “E Tickets!”) like the old days; your ride options are what Disney gives you. It does seem a bit complicated, especially if I’ve got a Fastpass for an attraction in Disneyland but I’m in CA and can’t use it on the same tiered attraction.

  11. Having just spent 10 days at WDW and twice being stuck in stand by lines that ended up double the original posted time when another attraction broke, causing tons of unplanned people to flood to fastpass, I am thrilled on some attempt to fix the issue. I too loved multiple experience and while there were mild restrictions as others noted, they weren’t restrictive enough to solve the problems we experienced. Hopeful this solution resolves some similar issues in time (likely after they add additional tiers), but we’ll see.

  12. The picture in this article lists “Alice in Wonderland” and “Astro Orbitor.” Can you use your replacement fastpass to somehow get onto non-fastpass attractions faster, or am I just behind and those have fastpasses now?

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