PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/12/19 (Future World Construction, Interesting World Showcase Finds, Takumi-Tei Construction Updates, and More!)

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It’s always a good day to check out the two worlds of Epcot: Future World and World Showcase. Let’s see what they have in store for us today.

Future World

Magic Band ($24.99)

I popped into Mouse Gear and found this fun new addition to the MagicBand line: Sorcerer Mickey! This one looks a lot better than the old version, I think.

They’re still doing some slow work on the facade for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy attraction that is replacing the Universe of Energy.

New panels are being installed on the side of the building. This used to be a mirrored facade that they ripped out months ago.

The other side still hasn’t been touched yet.

They were power-washing the roof of the old Wonders of Life building today. I suppose they have to keep it looking nice for the upcoming Play Pavilion that is meant to take its place.

The crane over at the new Space Restaurant site seems to always be doing something. We can’t see exactly what from inside the park, unfortunately, but I’m glad the project is moving along.

It still doesn’t look like much from the outside, especially if they’re aiming to open this year.

They’re taking their sweet time removing some of the Flower and Garden Festival accoutrements. I don’t mind, though, I like the flowers!

The path between Future World and World Showcase near Imagination has been closed for about a week now.

The demolition leads to some interesting views. We can see this little shack behind Imagination now.

World Showcase

Anyone know when the last time they actually used this Friendship Boat dock? This is the one that’s supposed to go to Germany, but I can’t remember the last time it was open…

The Skyliner station at International Gateway is looking almost complete (better than the rest of International Gateway, at least).

They’re finishing the roof. It looks like some construction walls have gone back up for now, as well.

Have you ever taken the time to look at length inside the House of Good Fortune in the China pavilion?

They probably have the largest variety of items in the whole park.

Some of it is rather pricey, too.

Who needs droids from Galaxy’s Edge when you can get this Jade Incense Burner?

Speaking of interesting items, I found this in Germany (in Weinkeller).

Fascinating! I thought it was a potato from a distance…

You might also notice in some parts of World Showcase that some of the festival booths stick around and change to a more generic menu. This one in Germany didn’t even have a proper sign today.

The landscaping at Takumi-Tei in Japan is looking really nice. I can’t wait for this restaurant to open, though I probably can’t afford it!

That’s it for our quick trip around the world. We’ll keep you updated on everything coming and going from Epcot as it happens!

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Great post, very interesting and love it.

Robert Schaltenbrand
Robert Schaltenbrand

What was the price of the Pear Brandy in Germany?


Anything happening to Innoventions West yet?

Tom Corless
Tom Corless

Not yet.