REVIEW: New Tiger Tail Chocolate Twist Spotted at Isle of Java in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Today, we spotted an all-new Tiger Tail treat at Isle of Java inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and let’s just say it was… grrrreat! The snack is basically the same chocolate twist that’s always been at Animal Kingdom, but it seems they’ve jazzed it up with some orange-flavored drizzle. This joins the long list of other treats that recently debuted at Animal Kingdom, including the Bugs ‘n’ Grubs Waffle Cone, and the Simba Ice Cream Sandwich. Let’s check it out!

Tiger Tail – $4.99

The Tiger Tail is a puff pastry packed with chocolate on the inside, and even more chocolate on the outside. A chocolate drizzle and orange flavored chocolate tops this treat off and gives it that “tail”-like presentation.

As you can see, the filling inside is bursting with chocolate. This made for an interesting, chewy texture that overall enhanced the flavor of the flaky puff pastry.

The pastry was served pretty warm, which melted the chocolate nicely, without messing with the semi-solid chocolate drizzle on top.

Here’s a better look at the chocolate packed inside. Delicious!

The pastry was flakey, warm, and extremely fresh. One of the most interesting elements of the snack was the orange chocolate drizzle, which had an extremely light, yet still detectable orange flavor to it. I only really noticed the flavor as an aftertaste, but I certainly did appreciate the unique element that added more than just chocolate flavoring.

While this dish isn’t exactly Instagram-worthy, it is a delicious option for breakfast or perhaps a snack while walking around the parks. $4.99 is a little pricey for a breakfast pastry, but considering the already-limited breakfast offerings around Animal Kingdom, this is a solid, filling route to go. I highly recommend picking it up during your next adventure at Animal Kingdom!

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It looks just like the Cheshire Cat tail but with orange frosting. If it does taste like orange then I bet it’s just as amazing!