PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/15/19 (Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Live Returns, New Merchandise and More!)

Let’s take a lap around Epcot today and see what’s in store for us, shall we?

Future World

There’s something special about Epcot first thing in the morning. It’s very calming.

Basically the entire southwest side of Future World is behind scrims right now. Most of the space is used for various booths during festivals. With no festivals happening, they’re preparing the land for the next festival.

As we’ve mentioned, the pathway to World Showcase (near Imagination) is closed for widening. They finally put a scrim up along the length of it, making it hard to see what’s going on.

Luckily you can still see it well from the Imagination pavilion.

Both of the flower quilts from the Flower and Garden Festival are now gone for the season. It may not be as pretty to our eyes, but the ducks seem to love all the space!

Work is continuing on the roof of the Guardians of the Galaxy building. They seem to be focusing on the launch tunnel to the show building in the back.

I’m not sure what these new beams are for on the launch tunnel as of yet.

What’s this, peeking out above Mission Space?

Why, it’s workers, hard at work on the new space themed restaurant planned to open later this year.


Two new “colors” of merchandise were just released, and you can find them in Epcot’s Mouse Gear (among other places across property). You can see our full coverage of both the “Magic Mirror Metallic” line…

…and the “Imagination Pink” line in the provided links.

Toy Story plush ($26.99)

Toy Story 4 is just around the corner, and in addition to tons of other merchandise, they have this adorable plush of Bo Peep’s sheep! I’ve been wanting something like this since 1995.

Toy Story figures ($19.99)

I also found these cute “Minis” figures.

Flower and Garden is over, but you can still pick up your AP shirts in Mouse Gear!

World Showcase

They’re still in the process of replacing all the concrete in the America pavilion.

This area is also still behind walls. For how long, I do not know.

Concrete work has spilled out onto the main pathway, as well. You can see the old versus the new here.

“Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Live” is back for a second round this year at the America Gardens Theater. Go check it out in person if you can, it’s a fun show. Otherwise, we have the full show right here!


In addition to the return of the live show, they added some new food and drink options to the area. Here you can see our review of the food at the Liberty Inn

…and our review of the drinks at the Fife and Drum.

The art posters are back on the pillars in France. They’d been gone for a couple weeks.

Over in the United Kingdom, if you’re looking for Mary Poppins merchandise, it has moved to The Toy Soldier.

It had previously been across the street.

While in the UK, you might be lucky enough to be there on a day that Stephen Twining is visiting. He is, of course, of the famous “Twinings Tea” family.

He meets at the Tea Caddy.

That’s what’s new at Epcot! Keep checking with us for more updates from the parks.