Spaceship Earth with Monoliths

PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/26/19 (New ID Holders, Illuminations Phone Cases, Construction Updates, World Showcase Snacks, and More!)

Welcome to another beautiful day at Epcot! Since the park is currently between festivals, this is the perfect time to visit.

We started our day with a quick check on the construction for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Construction

Solar panels are being installed on the top of the pavilion.

Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster Construction

Guardians Construction Epcot

Guardians of the Galaxy Epcot Construction

Then it’s time for a quick peek at the Space restaurant progress.

Space Restaurant Construction

Now it’s time for some shopping and a bit of air conditioning. There are new ID holders and they are super cute. Some have retractible clips and others have lanyards.

Cinderella Castle ID Holder Lanyard
Cinderella Castle ID Pouch Lanyard – $16.99

Cinderella Castle ID Holder

Minnie Mouse ID Holder

Minnie Mouse ID Holder

ID Lanyard Retractible Clip

Castle retractible clip ID holder

ID Pouch
Caslte ID Holder – $12.99
Retractable Lanyard ID Holder Clip
ID Holder – $12.99

There are new Farewell Illuminations phone cases in a variety of sizes. The Figment is a Passholder case. The 3D case is $34.99, and the other two cases are $29.99 each.

We found an interesting new light-up toy in Future World. It lights up and the fans spin to create spinning patterns with the colored lights. These are $17 and oddly mesmerizing.

Mickey Spiro Light Twist Light Up Spinning Toy
Spiro Light Twist – $17

Spiro Light Twist Lights on Fan Blades

Spiro Light Twist In Action with light patterns

Light patterns on Spiro Light Twist

Another favorite souvenir in the parks are bubble wands. This Ariel sitting in a clamshell bubble wand is pretty cute for $25.

Ariel sitting in a Clamshell Bubble Wand

Ariel in Clamshell Bubble Wand

Ariel Clamshell Bubble Wand

This Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party mug is a must-have. It’s $19.99, and looks like 3 cups stacked together with one handle. There are so many cute details and colors on this mug.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Colorful Stacked Mug
Mad Tea Party Mug – $19.99

Colorful stacked Mad Tea Party Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Mug

Now for a quick snack break. Time to refill my new popcorn bucket with the flavored popcorn options near the Imagination Pavilion. One of the best popcorn carts ever.

Flavored Popcorn in Epcot

Now it’s time to take on the world. Looking in the distance, the go away green building really blends into the background.

View of Go Away Green Building for Ratatouille Ride

The scrims in Canada look pretty natural, too.

Scrims in Canada

France is going to look even more beautiful when it’s finished.

France Construction

France Pavilion Construction

Walls around France construction

France Pavilion new building

Roof of new building in France pavilion construction

Another brief snack break.

Ice Cream in France Epcot

Scrims, scrims, as far as the eye can see.

Morrocco Pavillion scrims

Without any kind of festival going on, it’s pretty peaceful around here during the morning.

Views of Japan with low crowds

Japan Pavilion View

Katsura Grill

Koi Fish Japan Pavilion

Japan Pavilion View of Spaceship Earth

Time for another snack break with the Imagination Pink Lemonade in America.

Imagination Pink Lemonade

There’s also more construction walls up around here, too.

American Pavilion Walls

Italy has a beautiful view as well.

Italy View of Spaceship Earth

Time for another snack break in Germany.

Germany Caramel Snack Case

More snacks! Check out the Nigerian Meat Pie and No Worries Panna Cotta.

Snacks at Refreshment Outpost

The handle is still missing from the door.

China door still missing a handle and propped open

It’s been a long day, the snacks are becoming more frequent. The cotton candy artisan hours are listed several places around the pavilion.

cotton candy artisan hours

Not much is going on here in the parks today. You can see Frozen Ever After has a relatively low wait time.

Frozen Wait Time Sign

There are still scrims around the deck in Mexico.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion Scrims

Mexico Pavilion Scrims

So, before we leave, let’s take a moment to appreciate the remaining Leave a Legacy monoliths.

Spaceship Earth with Monoliths


Find me before I’m gone!

Thanks for joining us around the park today. Make sure you stay tuned to for more updates!

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