PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/9/19 (Leave a Legacy Demolition Continues, Flower and Garden No More, World Showcase Updates and More)

Good morning from the remaining half of the Leave-a-Legacy monuments. We’re at Epcot today, of course! Let’s see what’s going on in the new post-festival landscape.

They’re making good progress on removing these giant monuments. Even the bases seem to be gone now from the right side of the entrance.

While we’re at the front of the park, let’s peek in on the mess they’ve made around the old tram loop.

Whatever their plans are for the tram path, it apparently requires quite a bit of digging. All of this is part of major improvements to all the park entrances. Should be nice when it’s done!

Back inside the park, we’re welcomed by the ever-friendly custodial staff.

Flower and Garden No More

With the International Flower and Garden Festival finally over, we can enjoy the park as it was designed: with open pathways!

Look at all this room for activities!

One of the flower quilts from the festival is already gone. Brand new sod is in its place.

The East quilt is still hanging on. It should be gone soon though.

Just as it takes a few weeks for all this stuff to be installed, it takes a while to remove it all as well.

World Showcase

One thing I will miss in the festival interim is the booth that used to be right here in China. I liked the milk tea. “But what about the giant cotton candy!?” you may ask.

Well, head on over to the very back of the pavilion.

They’re still selling it, albeit in it’s original location!

There’s still lots of concrete work happening in The American Adventure.

Progress is being made, though.

The whole area where “The Smokehouse” was for the Flower and Garden Festival is blocked off at the moment. It must be a big project to take that smoker out of there.

If you’re like me, you might have completely forgotten about the Guardians of the Galaxy show from last year. Well, if you missed it the first time, or just really like it, it’s coming back.

Stage preparations are already at hand.

Even more landscaping is going on at the site of Takumi-Tei, the new signature restaurant in the Japan pavilion.

They seem to be making it up as they go.

This area was all stones earlier in the week. Now they’re planting trees?

The outer walls are getting some finishing touches, too.

Meanwhile, over at International Gateway…wait, where is International Gateway? You can read all about it here.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the festival-free Epcot while it lasts. We’ll keep you updated on anything and everything happening in the park in the mean time!

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2 years ago

Nice “Stepbrothers” reference with “all this room for activities.” Well done.

Jon T
Jon T
2 years ago

It’s a bit like putting new clothes on a corpse.

2 years ago

Has any demolition begun around Innoventions West? I’m really going to miss those flashing light displays embedded in the concrete. Kids loved them, and I found them charming.

John Mihalik Jr.
John Mihalik Jr.
2 years ago

OUCH!!! Are they being relocated?? If so, where? What kind of a ‘Legacy’ is it if they are being demolished??

Bradley D Monroe
Bradley D Monroe
2 years ago

If they are redoing the tram routes this could call for a parking lot expansion plus renaming the lots. In this case the World Showcase parking lot would be the West lot and the Future World parking lot would be the East lot. There would also be shade structures added to the new tram load and unload areas that would be themed for the different parts of Epcot. This would be similar to the Heroes and Villains parking lots at Magic Kingdom.