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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/19/19 (The Return of Philharmagic Mickey, New Hats, and More $1 Pressed Penny Machines)

It’s a busy summer day at Magic Kingdom. There’s always something worth braving the crowds for, though. Let’s see what’s going on today!

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Mickey Returns

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Guess who’s back; back again. Mickey’s back: tell a friend! The Mickey figure on top of the Philharmagic sign is finally back in its rightful place!

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He’d been missing for months, presumably for refurbishment.

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He’s looking fresh and clean!

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The rest of the facade, not so much. Some of the banners are still missing and much of it is quite faded.

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The whole thing needs either a good cleaning or a fresh coat of paint. We know the inside of the attraction is due for some upgrades, so the outside should also be on the list. Mickey returning is a good start!

Pressed Pennies

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I mentioned recently that they’ve started adding more and more of the credit card compatible crank-style pressed penny machines. The first one we saw was in Tomorrowland, but now they’re popping up everywhere.

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Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Frontierland… basically everywhere.

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I wouldn’t mind the machines, but with them comes a price hike: pennies are a dollar each now, which seems a bit absurd.

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Luckily, you can still find a few of the old 50 cent machines around.

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This one was always my favorite because it has a change machine attached that gives you two free pennies.


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See You Tomorrow Hat ($27.99)

I found a couple of new hats for adults today! This one, themed to Tomorrowland…

MagicKingdom6 18 19 2
See You Tomorrow Hat ($27.99)
MagicKingdom6 18 19 15
Hei Hei Hat ($27.99)

…and this lovely Hei Hei option.

MagicKingdom6 18 19 4
Bracelets ($9.99 each)

I also found this interesting Minnie Mouse bow plastic bracelets.

MagicKingdom6 18 19 5
Bracelets ($9.99 each)

One of them is gold and one of them seems to be Imagination Pink-colored.

Et Cetera

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Concrete work is almost finished over at Miners Cove, the former smoking section dock near Big Thunder Mountain.

MagicKingdom6 18 19 21

This is part of the continuing concrete work in this part of Frontierland.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Main Street Cinema out at Disneyland. Their Cinema is still an actual movie theater, showing old cartoons on a loop across several screens. Recently, it looks like management wants to turn their location into a shop. Out here in Florida, obviously, ours has been a shop for quite some time now.

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They do still show some cartoons, albeit with a low-resolution digital projector and no sound. I found some kids sitting and enjoying the show all the same!

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Interestingly, if you look up, you can still see where the old projectors used to sit, back when this locations was still showing several cartoons at once. Fingers crossed for our friends out in California that their theater doesn’t go the same way ours did.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading, and stick with us for more updates from Magic Kingdom!

  1. I’m really disappointed to hear about the price change of the pressed penny machines. We were just there in mid-May and decided to start a collection for son. Ugh :-(

  2. Most of Disney merchandise is just crap! Just stuff for little kids to play with.

  3. all the 4-die penny presses in the MK are being switched out for $1 machines that dispense their own (inadequate) zinc pennies. Surely the other parks will follow, as all new machines in the past 10 months or so have either been 8-die machines ($5 for all 8 designs) or 4-die machines at a buck per coin.

    Collectors of elongated coins (the preferred term) are livid.

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