PHOTOS: Tour a Deluxe Studio and One Bedroom Villa from Disney’s Riviera Resort at the Disney Vacation Club Preview Center

Disney’s Riviera Resort is rapidly finishing up construction. Set to open in December of this year, Disney Vacation Club sales for this 15th DVC property are already well underway. Over at the Disney Vacation Club Preview Center in Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, there are new exact replica models of two types of rooms that will be available at the new resort. The Deluxe Studio and One Bedroom Villa are both available now to view for potentially interested buyers. Both of these room types sleep up to five people and come with a multitude of amenities. Let’s take a look!

Resort Model

Upon entering the DVC Preview Center, you’ll notice a model of the upcoming resort on display in the lobby. The model also includes the Resort’s Skyliner Station.

Before entering the room models, you get a look at what the hallways around the resort will look like. The carpets will feature hidden Mickeys in a gold filigree design with a royal blue backdrop.

Deluxe Studio (Sleeps up to Five)

The first room available to tour is the Deluxe Studio. This is the standard room, with one bed, pull-out bed behind the couch, and a pull-out bed under the TV.

This room style also features a balcony.

The couch pillows feature similar accents to the rest of the resort’s style.

The first pull-out bed is under the TV. This bed sleeps one child or a tiny adult.


The second pull out bed pulls out from behind the couch. Simply pull on the handles to reveal the mattress. No need to even pull out the couch cushions!

The bed also features a modernist painting of the 101 Dalmatians for some added theming.

The main bed is elevated and features extra storage space underneath.

This room style also features a kitchenette with a mini-fridge, microwave, and sink.

The bathroom is beautifully decorated. I love that the shower marble matches the floor.

There’s also a tub in addition to the rainshower room, much like The Villas at the Grand Floridian Resort.

One Bedroom Villa (Sleeps up to Five)

The one bedroom villa is much larger and feels a lot more “like home”.

With a full-size fridge, an oven, microwave, and even a dishwasher, this full-size kitchen is perfect for any in-room meal you might be preparing.

The one bedroom also features a cozy dining room area with a booth and two additional seats.


The booth comes with a storage compartment underneath.

Similar to the deluxe unit, this one also has a pull-out bed behind the couch. It works the same way. Note the adorable Beauty and the Beast artwork on the walls.

On the headboard for the murphy bed is a Mary Blair-esque Peter Pan painting.


How it looks like closed back up.

Another thing similar to the deluxe room is the pull out bed underneath the TV. This one features a cute Mickey picture.

Here’s a closer look at the bedroom in the one bedroom villa, as well as some Aristocats art.

The bedroom also comes with its own bathroom, complete with a deep tub, and overhead shower.

Finally, the one bedroom units come with a washer/dryer included! This is a huge convenience for any family that is staying for an extended period.

While these rooms could certainly be better themed (beyond just artwork), the amenities don’t disappoint and the units seem cozy and suitable for up to five people. Disney’s Riviera Resort is set to open this December, and Disney Vacation Club sales have already begun. As always, stay tuned to for more information and updates as we draw closer to opening day!

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Someone Who is Proud of Your Boy
Someone Who is Proud of Your Boy
1 year ago

Feeling bad for the boy, can’t imagine how the conversation went. “Ok Cameron, we’re gonna go open and cover the most anticipated theme park expansion of all time, but you stay back and cover the Riviera Resort and take the DVC tour. IM PROUD OF YOUR BOY.

1 year ago

I don’t like the main large light in the room! It is a harsh light and doesn’t do the room any favours. I did see however in the villa what looks to be edge led lighting around the ceiling. Is this correct and is this also in the studio? If so, can it be turned on separately from the main light? This would make up for the horrendous quality of light coming from the central monstrosity.

Brett Wyman
Brett Wyman
1 year ago

Its fancy but the location does nothing for me.