PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort 6/3/19 Construction Update (Window Details, New Plants, Pool Slide, ETC.)

Welcome back! A lot has changed around the construction site for Disney’s upcoming Riviera Resort, and it’s been a month since we last checked in. We decided to take another trip around the site to see what’s new!

Skyliner Station

The Riviera Skyliner station has started testing gondolas. The station is coming along well and looks to be nearing completion.

The roofing around the station is identical to the roofing on the resort.

Construction has also started on a covered walkway that will connect the resort to the station.

Here’s a better look at the similarities between the station roofing and the resort roofing.

Finally, there’s new lamp posts installed leading to the entrance/exit of the station.

Riviera Resort

Over at the resort, some new colors have been added to the shutters and shade around the windows. The shutters on this section of the resort will be green, with a blue shade.

On the right side of the resort, the shutters are blue and the shade is orange. An interesting difference in colors.



The center of the resort appears to house the green and blue color scheme.

Here are some windows that have yet to have shutters installed.

Some green paint has also been applied to the base of the resort’s archways.

Here’s a look at the progress on the center of the resort. Some large glass panels have been put into place as well as a steel structure just above.

The pool slide is starting to be built into its support. The bottom half is still under a tarp, but the top area is completely uncovered.



Finally, trees are starting to be planted around the entire back area of the resort. The land looks great with some greenery in place.

Some more palm trees and bushes that have been planted.

That’s all for this Riviera update! The newest Disney Vacation Club resort opens this December and we can’t wait to check it out! As always, stay tuned to for the latest updates and news from Riviera Resort and beyond!

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