PHOTOS: New Signage Installed at the NBA Experience in Disney Springs

We’ve been tracking the progress on the NBA Experience for what seems like forever. Today ,we arrived at Disney Springs and much to our excitement, a lot of new signage has gone up around the building. The NBA Experience isn’t set to open until August 12, 2019, but the store side looks like it’s progressing a bit faster.

NBA Experience Signs

As we started to approach the NBA Experience on the West Side of Disney Springs, we quickly spotted the signs in the distance. We quickened our pace a little to get a closer look, and saw the addition of the NBA Store sign as well.

NBA Experience Entrance Signs

The sleek design of the sign can be seen sticking out just over the construction walls with “NBA” in blue and “Experience” in red. There is also another “NBA Experience” sign against the glass wall.

NBA Experience Sign seen over the construction walls

We peeked through the construction walls to get a better glimpse of the marquee near the entrance. It looks pretty nice from here.

NBA Experience sign through construction walls

The store side looks a little more ready than the rest of the building at this point. The white text really stands out above the entrance to the new store. This should be a fun shopping experience on the West Side of Disney Springs. Despite the windows being difficult to see in, at certain angles we could make out a few details inside the store, like the lighting and some images on the walls.

NBA Store Sign over the NBA Experience

Be sure to stay tuned to for more updates on the NBA Experience and everything else around the parks and resorts. Are you excited for the NBA Experience coming to the West Side of Disney Springs later this summer?

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Tom Morrow
Tom Morrow
1 year ago

Does anyone really care about this place?

1 year ago

I still can’t believe this is actually going in Disney Springs. I just don’t know how it fits in at all. Maybe Disney will prove me wrong. Doubtful!