new display in Windtraders

PHOTOS: Windtraders Adds New Merchandise Displays in Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Summer is here, and so are the crowds! We’ve noticed many changes happening around the parks in an effort to help accommodate the upcoming summer rush. Restaurants seem to be streamlining their menus for faster service, and gift shops seem to be making more room. While on a recent visit to Pandora, we were overwhelmed by all the new space inside of Windtraders in Pandora.

windtraders in pandora at animal kingdom with lots of space

Windtraders, the gift shop located near the exit of Flight of Passage, is one of the most beautiful and themed gift shops in Animal Kingdom. It offers a wide variety of Navi-inspired items, from banshees to a Rice Krispy vein pods. The shop often feels crowded with the steady flow of people exiting the attraction among the shoppers. They seem to be making some adjustments around the store to help with this problem.

Spacious Windtraders

new display in Windtraders

There are even new themed displays around the store. Most noticeable when we first arrived was a beautiful display that replaced the clunky wooden one in the center of the store. The display is much more condensed and features a lot of unique detailing. We wanted to fully appreciate the new display shelves around the store, so they got a full photo shoot.

New display stand

There are paint markings and woven pieces covering the shelving. This design definitely fits in with the rest of the land.

string patterns on the display shelf

string patterns on the display shelf

Windtraders shelf with braided string

Painting on the side of the disp;ay shelf

Windtraders Pandora New Set Up 15

Windtraders Pandora New Set Up 10

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On the other side of the store, you can see more of these new displays.

Pandora new shelves in Windtraders

Display in Pandora with shirts

Windtraders Shelving

details on display shelf at Windtraders

You can see much more room around the Banshee Rookery, too. This will give guests more room to bond with their new banshee before purchase.

Banshee Rookery in Pandora

Perhaps the most “awkward” display in the store is this stack of boxed banshees right by the store exit. At least they’re sitting atop a themed pedestal now.

Gift shop display of Banshees

Displays in the Pandora gift shop

We like the idea of having more space to move around. And the new shelving is very organized to display some of our favorite Pandora merchandise (including the utility suit figure!)

Windtraders Pandora New Set Up 14

This will definitely make it easier to navigate your way through the store whether you’re shopping or just passing through after a ride on Flight of Passage. What do you think of the new layout of Windtraders?

  1. Love the new displays, themed artwork and overall attractiveness of the shop. Great ending to a great experience! Done in true “Disney” style!!

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