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Soarin’ Over California Extended Through August 31 Due To Guest Popularity at Disney California Adventure

Originally only slated to last through June 30th, Disney has just announced that due to guest popularity, the epic, aerial adventure Soarin’ Over California has been extended through August 31! The epic, aerial adventure Soarin’ Over California returned to Disney California Adventure park in an attempt to distract the masses from Galaxy’s Edge.

As an added bonus, Disney is also granting Annual Passholders an extra hour at Soarin’ Over California after park closing every Thursday night, beginning June 27 through the end of July. (Blockout dates apply.)

This virtual tour celebrates the beauty and wonder of the Golden State—from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the crashing waves in Malibu. Guests are raised high into the air, and surrounded by an immersive, 80-foot projection dome to simulate the graceful motion of flight, while their senses are inundated with iconic scents found throughout California.

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Originally opened in 2001, Soarin’ Over California became a fan-favorite attraction. In 2016, the attraction became Soarin’ Around the World, taking you over the many wonders of the world—from the majestic Swiss Alps to the Great Wall of China.

Do note that while Soarin’ Over California will be returning for a limited time to Disney California Adventure, no changes have been announced for the Epcot version of the attraction.

  1. I wish they’d keep that version for good at DCA, where it belongs. Or at least keep it through this October so I can ride it one last time.

  2. Good to see the original Soarin’ has been extended. My wife and I like that a lot better than the new version of Soarin’. Please bring back the old version to Epcot.

  3. This is what it should always be! Soarin’ over California in CALIFORNIA and Soarin’ around the world in Walt Disney WORLD! The names say it all. I actually like it when similar attractions are slightly different coast-to-coast. Makes it less monotonous and gets one interested to going to both DLR and WDW. I wish they had variations in galaxy’s edge so it would be like visiting different parts of the galaxy.

  4. As Disneyland Cast Members we had the pleasure to be filmed on Main Street at our 1998 CM Christmas Party by a very low flying helicopter. It’s the last shot you see in Soaring Over California my Family is standing in front of the Market House. I’m so Thrilled to see the Original SOARING come back.

  5. I can’t find on Disney’s website where they say annual pass holders have an extra hour after park closing at California adventure. Can you share a link to that info? Thank you!

  6. This is GREAT news!
    My family hasn’t ever gone on the CA version & getting 3 months of it sounds FANTASTIC!

  7. Perhaps Disney can reevaluate this…. Permanent Soaring over California… Special month long limited showings of the World Version. Problem solved, maybe the first ride in DCA that I have good sentimental memories… Okay… Second after Tower of Terror.

  8. Yesssssss anything but Bad CGI and a bent and broken Eiffel tower! I maintain that it’s nonsense that they can’t just run both versions. The old good one and the new horrible one.

  9. Here’s a good idea: there are 2 theaters. Keep one for the old and the other for the new. People can choose which side they can go on in the middle of the queue just like the Matterhorn

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