ParksCenter – A Deep Dive Into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Plus a New Epcot Pavilion?- Ep. 57

This is ParksCenter. We cover the top 7 (yeah, 7) stories from this week in Disney Parks news, in under 30 minutes, guaranteed.

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • We take a deep dive into the ramifications of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, talking about the park’s costume policy and the future of interactive experiences in the parks
  • Brazil is coming to Epcot in 2022, but with no attraction lined up
  • Bo Peep gets a new meet and greet

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  1. I feel the need to comment here, based on our experiences with people from Brazil. We ran into Brazilians several years ago, and found out that for whatever reason, these people are NOT the kind you want to run into here at Walt Disney World. There was one group (males) that, instead of using the restrooms that WERE available, the men would just stand in a corner of a building and urinate in the bushes. They would also jump the lines whenever they had the chance, especially if they thought that the person that they were going to cut in front of, would NOT protest, such as seniors and children.
    We found a cast member at one point and told him what we witnessed, and he said that it was a HUGE issue with Brazilians, and the Cast members have a LOT of problems with them.
    We found out when the Brazilian schools were out, which is when these groups showed up, and now we avoid going during that time period. And as I stated previously, this is based on our experiences with this particular group.

    1. I have heard this before with (insert people from a world country of your choice: French, English, Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, etc.). The actions of some do not speak for the majority. And remember that WDW is not cheap! So those from other counties (or even those who live here now) are not poor. I’ve seen Americans doing the same things. Do you remember the behavior of the olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte from the USA who was arrested during the Rio Olympics? Have a little more tolerance and less prejudice!

      1. Sorry Ernie, my only prejudice is against people that cause issues as I described. I have NEVER in our 37 odd years going to WDW had ANY issues with anyone else. Maybe the occasional drunken guest throwing up right in front of me, and I mean RIGHT in front of me!
        Otherwise, nothing I can bitch about with any other of our overseas friends. It’s just that I have never seen the type of behavior as I described from ANY other group than the Brazilians, sorry if I in some way offended you or you Brazilian friends. You need to think about what you are posting about. You do NOT know me, and do NOT know what I have seen in my travels to Disney. Many MANY travels.

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