Disney Files Patent To Potentially Bring Augmented Reality to ESPN Wide World of Sports, Live Events, and More

Enhancing live performances is always the goal of Disney as they try to improve the guest experience. Often the spectacle ongoing is enjoyable for some, but confusing to others who do not understand the content as well. Luckily, a new patent filed by Disney could change all that.

The technology described in the patent would provide spectators with additional information via an Augmented Reality device. This device would take the form of glasses, think Google Glass, and allow spectators to see additional information displayed on the live scene in front of them.

Take for example a football game, which is described in the patent, where casual observers may not understand the rules. The headset would display the first down marker or any other useful information on top of the live scene to assist in the viewing of the event.

While not specifically touched on in the patent, this AR technology could be utilized within theme parks as well. Think of a live performance or slow-moving dark ride such as Peter Pan’s Flight. This AR headset would allow the wearer to see additional information about the scene in front of them, like character names or scene context. In addition, foreign theme parks have ride translations for guests that do not speak the native language of the park they are at. Technology like this could allow a foreign visitor to better understand an attraction without hindering the experience for anyone.

The obvious implementation of this technology would be at Disney-sanctioned sporting events like ESPN Wide World of Sports or Monday Night football. However, with enough testing in the simpler sphere of live sports, this technology could be used in theme parks to improve guests experience.

As always, patents are not guaranteed to be implemented, but it’s always interesting to look at new technology that could be coming soon to Disney Parks.

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John Madden
John Madden
2 years ago

Espn blows