PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 7/13/19 (Rafiki’s Planet Watch Returns, Rainy Day Characters, and More!)

The summer rain clouds are rolling in over Animal Kingdom. Let’s see what’s going on in the park and try to avoid getting soaked.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is officially open again! It went “seasonal” late last year and just now returned.

It returned with a new addition, though! The Animation Experience. You can see more info about it and watch a video of the full show right here.

With Rafiki’s Planet Watch back, and the train running again, I was hoping that meant my favorite little spot in Harambe Market would be back too…

Unfortunately, it’s still closed off. You used to be able to watch the train roll by over here. Judging by what I saw while riding the train today, that area is still a big mess. Not sure what they’re doing to it.


The new Lion King remake comes out later this month, and Lion King merchandise is everywhere in this park. You can’t turn a corner without tripping over a lion. This particular display is in the Mombasa Marketplace in Africa.

This plush of Nala is really cute, though. It’s a new pattern and I like the pose she’s in.

They also have some pre-printed D-tech designs for sale on the shelves. All Lion King related, of course.

Over in the Windtraders in Pandora: The World of Avatar, they still have the boxed banshee sets on sale.

They really want you to buy one. They have stacks everywhere.

“Please buy me.”

Flight of Passage Bag ($14.99)

Part of the new line of Avatar stuff they’ve been selling recently includes these cute bags. This one is a sort of purse style or shoulder bag. It’s also surprisingly affordable.

Flight of Passage Bag ($14.99)
Flight of Passage Bag ($14.99)
Backpack ($39.99)

This one is obviously a backpack. I really like the new patch designs. You can get them as pins too.

Backpack ($39.99)

Rainy Day

The rain did eventually roll in today. Primeval Whirl is closed, though not because of the rain. Its re-opening has been pushed back again.

The characters are prepared for the rain, though! Goofy and Pluto were meeting together today.

I guess people took the rain as an opportunity to ride Kali River Rapids. I mean, hey, they’re already wet, right?

Everyone got in line at the same time, though.


Even Dug gets an umbrella! Hopefully he’ll share it with that good working dog up ahead.

Even in the rain, Animal Kingdom is the most beautiful park at Walt Disney World.


There’s not a lot of work happening at this park anymore, but they are making some changes to the tram loop.

It’s not too intrusive. Hopefully the changes will be for the better!

That’s it for today! What’s your favorite park to visit on a rainy day? Let us know!

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  1. It stinks that Zootopia Land is not happening anytime soon because It grossed 1 Billion dollars and won so many awards of 2016 and beat Moana inn box office and success.

  2. Zootopia was not present at the Disney Parks despite its success I don’t know why people hate my comment. IS ZOOTOPIA NOT ALLOWED!!??

  3. I Hope Zootopia replaces Rafiki’s Planet Watch because it was not present after it’s billion dollar sucess

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