PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 7/21/19 (Minnie Ear Headband Ornaments, New Spirit Jerseys, Bubble Waffle Sundaes, and More!)

Welcome to the latest photo report direct from Disney Springs! It’s a busy day here, but we’re ready to hit the shops. We found the tiniest little Minnie Mouse ear headbands at Disney’s Days of Christmas. There are four adorable styles of Minnie ear ornaments, and we need them all. They’re $16.99 each and available in Briar Rose Gold, Classic Minnie, Castle, and Butterfly styles. We can’t wait to decorate!

We’re excited to see even more Spirit Jerseys available. The new tops come in teal or purple ombre coloring. They’re $64.99 each and can be found at DisneyStyle.

The pink and white swirled Spirit Jersey was once only available in youth size, but now they’ve made them in adult sizes for $64.99. We spotted this one in DisneyStyle and World of Disney.

Pink and White Spirit Jersey Adult

Adult Spirit Jersey Pink and White Tie Dye

Over at DisneyStyle, there were even more brightly colored tops. This coloring looks so 90’s and that’s not really a bad thing. These tops are $34.99 and come in two different colors.

Pink and Blue Mickey Print Top

Blue and Purple Mickey Print Top

In keeping with the brightly colored shirt trend, we also found a new neon green “Walt Disney World” retro top. This seriously looks like a pack of highlighters and the photos don’t quite do it justice. You might need sunglasses to look at this shirt, but it’s really awesome! Add this to your closet for $24.99.

Neon Highlighter Colored Retro Tee

Neon Retro Tee

If you prefer to personalize your wardrobe, be sure to check out the newest PatcheD sets from TrenD. The Star Wars set is $16.99.

Star Wars PatcheD

Everyone loves a Mickey balloon, and this patch can be yours for $9.99.

Mickey Balloons PatcheD

School is right around the corner, so don’t forget to pick up some new supplies. This Coco notebook is available at World of Disney for $17.99 and has a soft, patch-like skull design on the front. The pages are fun, too!

Pixar Coco Notebook

Coco Notebook

Seize the Moment Coco Notebook

Inside Coco Notebook

Inside Pages of Coco Notebook

Coco Notebook Pages

Coco Notebook

Princess dog leads are available for $17.99 at Disney Tails.

Disney Tails Princess Dog Lead

Across the way at Disney Pin Traders, there were many new open editions. Kim Possible is $12.99.

Kim Possible Slider Pin

Kim Possible Open Edition Pin

Cat lovers can get this “Wild Side” pin for $9.99.

Figaro Wild Side Pin

If you’re struggling to decide what park to go to, this pin might help. “What in the world will we do today?” shows Mickey trying to decide which park to visit. Use the spinner to turn it between all four parks. It’s available for $12.99.

Parks Spinner Pin

4 Parks Spinner Pin

Four Parks Spinner Pin

Four Parks Spinner Pin

Plenty of MagicBands available for The Lion King for $34.99.

The Lion King MagicKingdom Live Action

The wall behind the register used to have lanyards, but has turned into a bubble wand display and the lanyards have moved out onto a stand.

bubble wand display

Lanyard Display

The AMC Theater has a nice set up for The Lion King.

AMC Theater

Good advice.

Laugh S'more Worry Less

We stopped and had a quick snack. The Salted Caramel Bubble Waffle Trophy is $14.99 from AristoCrepes.

The sky is quickly turning gray, so it’s time to get out of here before the afternoon rain hits. Thanks for following us around Disney Springs today! Did you see any new merchandise that caught your eye?