PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/27/19 (Changes in Germany, Designer Ears, and Various Construction Updates)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/27/19 (Changes in Germany, Designer Ears, and Various Construction Updates)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/27/19 (Changes in Germany, Designer Ears, and Various Construction Updates)

Let’s see what’s happening in Epcot on a fine day like today, shall we?

epcot7 26 19 1

Future World

epcot7 26 19 1

Near the entrance to the park, you can see that they’ve decided to paint the back side of the former Universe of Energy building a dark grey color.

epcot7 26 19 2

This must be part of the new color scheme for when this houses the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

epcot7 26 19 10

I always have to say hello to the dolphins at The Seas whenever I’m in Epcot.

epcot7 26 19 9

I mentioned last week that they’d started replacing the carpet in The Seas. The entire underwater viewing area has gotten updated carpet now.

epcot7 26 19 8

It’s a nice pattern, I think. It fits the aquatic theme well.

epcot7 26 19 7

It was a surprisingly slow morning today. The Land was basically empty.

epcot7 26 19 5

Only a 20 minute wait an hour after the park opened? On a Friday in July? What’s going on!?

epcot7 26 19 6

epcot7 26 19 48

The Odyssey is still closed at the moment, but it won’t be long before it transforms into a preview center of sorts for all the new changes coming to Epcot in the future.


epcot7 26 19 3

The next set of Designer Mickey Ears was released. This time, it’s a Walt Disney and Steamboat Willie design.

epcot7 26 19 4

epcot7 26 19 49

They’re available in Mouse Gear, and the previous ears are also still available at The Art of Disney.

epcot7 26 19 2

I find it fascinating that they’re still selling this one piece of Epcot 35 merchandise. Either they forgot to clearance it out, or the keychain does good numbers.

World Showcase

epcot7 26 19 43

They were setting up for a film shoot just at the entrance to World Showcase. Apparently it’s for an upcoming episode of “My Fairytale Wedding” on Freeform.

epcot7 26 19 47

Not a lot seems to have changed in Canada since the refurbishment started. The current version of O’ Canada ends on August first. Now’s your last chance to see it!

epcot7 26 19 46

I popped into the Northwest Mercantile for a spell and found some very Canadian items…

epcot7 26 19 45

epcot7 26 19 44

Nothing says Canada like polar bears, beavers and Mounties.

epcot7 26 19 11

Cinderella’s stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, were meeting at Internatonal Gateway today.

epcot7 26 19 13

International Gateway is under quite a bit of work at the moment. The original security and ticket booths are gone, soon to be replaced. In the meantime, it’s just a pile of dirt.

epcot7 26 19 12

Work is happening though. I don’t know what these green poles are for, but it’s a sign of progress for certain.

epcot7 26 19 14

Who’s ready for waffles and beer? The Belgium booth has arrived in anticipation of the 2019 International Food and Wine Festival, which starts next month.

epcot7 26 19 16

One must always take a break at the koi pond in Japan.

epcot7 26 19 15

So calming…

epcot7 26 19 18

epcot7 26 19 17

This seating area is being refurbished at the moment.

epcot7 26 19 19

Brickwork is almost done in America. This pin stand has been returned to its normal location.

epcot7 26 19 20

Brand new bricks now sit underneath it!

epcot7 26 19 21

epcot7 26 19 22

About half of these concrete strips are finished, with the rest still under wooden planks.

epcot7 26 19 23

This duck doesn’t seem bothered by any of the changes.

epcot7 26 19 27

This pin stall in Italy usually sells just that– pins. They had an extra addition today, though.

epcot7 26 19 26

epcot7 26 19 25

Tiny wooden Pinocchios!

epcot7 26 19 33

I noticed a few changes in Germany as well, at Volkskunst. First off, this door wasn’t accesible.

epcot7 26 19 31

You have to enter through one of the other doors.

epcot7 26 19 32

Once inside, it’s much more open. They removed a counter and register which used to be here.

epcot7 26 19 29

epcot7 26 19 30

They also moved a fixture into the next room.

epcot7 26 19 28

The whole place breathes much better now.

epcot7 26 19 37
“Prost!” shirt ($34.99)

They have a line of new adult t-shirts across the street in the Stein Haus.

epcot7 26 19 38

epcot7 26 19 36
Germany shirt ($29.99)
epcot7 26 19 35
German Flag Shirt ($24.99)
epcot7 26 19 34
German Mickey Flag Shirt ($32.99)

epcot7 26 19 41

In Mexico, I ran into another blocked door!

epcot7 26 19 42

epcot7 26 19 39

I had the honor of seeing the lagoon dredging crew hard at work today.

epcot7 26 19 40

Well, that’s all I could dredge up for you today! Check back with us next time for more updates from Epcot!

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