PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/13/19 (Construction Updates, Long Lines and a Look at The Electric Umbrella)

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Summer time in Epcot– generally not a lot going on. Or is there? Let’s take a look around!

I’m trying to enjoy all the small details of Future World while I can. You never know what’s not going to survive to the next “re-imagining”.

There’s just something about the shadows these tarps make that are really interesting.

The lines were pretty long today. When Spaceship Earth is backed up, you know it’s a busy day.


If you have a soft spot for gold and some extra pocket money to burn, the new Alex and Ani designer ears are available in the Art of Disney now.

We’ve covered some Lion King merchandise here recently, but they didn’t have the Simba plush here yet. It had only been at Animal Kingdom until today.

Simba Plush ($19.99)

I found these matching shirts today, as well. Interesting use of the old Sleeping Beauty Castle art.

Mens Shirt ($24.99)
Womens Shirt ($24.99)

Der Teddybar in the Germany pavilion is one of my favorite little shops (although it tends to reek of sauerkraut).

It’s normally just toys for sale in here, but recently…

They started carrying a ton of Christmas merchandise.

Seems strange to me, what with an entire Christmas shop open just across the path.


Not a ton happening on the facade for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

Business as usual it seems.

They did open a bunch of new holes in the back of the building, though. No idea what this is for yet. We’ll keep an eye on it.

A couple of walls are down at the International Gateway Skyliner station, replaced with bushes.

Word is all the stations should open next month, except for this one, which is behind schedule.

Walls are up at the (former) Liberty Inn in the American Adventure.

It’s being replaced with a whole new dining concept.

A lone flower pot where the sign used to be.

The patio looks sad without all the umbrellas.

Over in Canada, you can’t see any of the mountains from the main path anymore. It’s all scrim.

It’s creeping into the rock work around back, as well.

Luckily the gardens out front aren’t affected.

Et Cetera

Lines were bad everywhere today. Frozen Ever After was listed at 50 minutes, but I think this is longer than that.

Have you ever done the Agent P World Showcase Adventure? You should, it’s fun, and you never know when it’s going to go away. You can sign up on the Disney Play App now, so it’s easier than ever to join in.

Now it’s time to appreciate the odd, quirky 90s design of The Electric Umbrella. This restaurant is due for a redesign this winter, so enjoy this view while you can.

I know the food is generally bad, and the whole place smells like feet any time after 2:00 pm, but hey, from a design perspective it’s really interesting.

That’s it for today! Big changes are coming to Epcot soon, and we’ll keep you in the loop on all of them as they happen.

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The Dame
The Dame

Got to Epcot yesterday around 5pm, standby line for Soarin’ was listed at 10 minutes and it WAS 10 minutes. The rain cleared everyone out, I guess. IllumiNations was especially gorgeous because rain brings out the lasers.


Why should I pay $130 a day for EPCOT to look at construction???


Either enjoy yourself at literally anything else not shown here or don’t go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Johnny B J
Johnny B J

Were the Umbrella pictures taken before it opened that day? It looks completely empty! Great shots.