View from the PeopleMover with the Tomorrowland Sign Missing

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/11/19 (The Tomorrowland Sign is Gone, Castle Pathway Progress, Forky Plush Recall, and More!)

It’s a busy day here at the Magic Kingdom! Let’s get the day started.

Rope Drop Crowds

July crowds at Rope Drop

It looks so empty heading into Tomorrowland. The entrance sign has been removed and it feels so strange to walk over the bridge now.

The Tomorrowland Sign is Missing

Boxes stand in place of the missing sign.

Gray Boxes where the Tomorrowland sign was

From the PeopleMover, we can feel the loss even more.

View from the PeopleMover with the Tomorrowland Sign Missing

Checking in on the progress with Tron, we can see the framework installation taking place. Every time we visit the park, we can see noticeable progress. More frames can be seen on the ground around the construction site.

Building the walls up on Tron Coaster site

Tron Construction, Supports and Framework

Tron Construction in progress

Over by Cinderella Castle, the pathway seems to be showing even more changes from our last update. More detailing can be seen around the walls. The stone facade is looking good. You can also see wooden planks lining the old pathway, closest to the wall. The wall is also broken up towards the end closest to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

Castle Pathway detailing on the walls

Wooden planks up the torn up pathway by Cinderella Castle

From the other side of the pathway, we can see a wire mesh type of framework over the metal brackets on the side. Wooden pieces have also been added to the wall under the metal ones.

Castle Pathway Brackets with mesh

Over on Main Street U.S.A., we found some amazing news… Casey’s Corner has returned the Foot Long hot dogs to the menu! We reported back in May that they had been removed from the menu, so we are all thankful for their return to Casey’s Corner.

After being sold out for a few days, the Aulani Plumeria ears have returned to Adventureland. You can find them at the Agrabah Bazaar for $30.

Aulani Ears

In Fantasyland, we noticed queue ropes have been placed at Storybook Treats to help with the line.

Storybook Treats Queue at the Magic Kingdom

After we told you about the Toy Story 4 Forky Plush pulled from shelves due to potential choking hazard, Disney officially announced a voluntary recall for the plushes. There’s even a sign by the registers at Merchant of Venus.

Toy Story 4 Forky Plush Recall Sign in Tomorrowland

The view is strange without the Tomorrowland sign.

No more Tomorrowland sign

It’s pretty hot and crowded, so that’s about it for today! Thanks for following us around the Magic Kingdom, and stay tuned for more updates from!