Casey Jr. Splash 'n' Soak

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/19/19 (Entrance Construction, Haunted Mansion Queue Refurbishment, Disney Parks Play App Pins, and More!)

Welcome to another beautiful day here at the Magic Kingdom. It looks like the first phase of the entrance enhancement is underway. We’re greeted by construction scrims and fake bushes once we arrive at the park.

It’s only a matter of time before the Walk Around the World bricks are removed. Be sure to check out more photos of the construction here.

It’s unbelievably hot today, so we took a little stroll through Uptown Jewelers for air conditioning and found the new Pandora E-Ticket and a castle safety chain. This double sided charm features Walt Disney World on one side.

And the Disneyland E-Ticket is on the back. This is available for $70.

We also found a castle safety chain for $75.

Astro Orbiter is still down. We’re hearing the refurbishment could go well into August, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Astro Orbiter is still down

TRON is looking good.

Tron Construction

TRON Construction

The Castle Pathway has some noticeable changes. There seems to be a temporary wooden railing in place, and the gaps between the new and old pathway are being filled in.

Castle Pathway Construction

From the other side, we get a little better view. We can see the framework for more wall.

Pathway construction

Pathway construction

Despite the heat, Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak is completely dry. Looks like we won’t be running through the water today.

Casey Jr. Splash 'n' Soak

Casey Jr. Splash 'n' Soak

Pinocchio Village Haus has new pavement outside by the restrooms. We noticed the area blocked off and covered by tarps recently, so that was a pretty speedy fix.

Pinocchio Village Haus Restrooms New Outdoor Pavement

Restrooms by Pinocchio Village Haus

The new pavement looks great compared to the old.

New Pavement versus old pavement Magic Kingdom restroom in Fantasyland

The Haunted Mansion queue is being refurbished. The awnings have been removed, and only the metal framework stands right now. So let’s hope these get replaced quickly.

Hopefully nobody dies in this queue.

Grandpa Marc Headstone from Haunted Mansion queue

You can now get a Lion King tail in Adventureland. This would look great with the Simba ear headband. It’s available for $24.99 at the Agrabah Bazaar.

Tortuga Tavern finally has a menu displayed.

Tortuga Tavern New Menu Outside

The Play Disney Parks App pins are available at Frontier Trading Post. They’re $14.99 each and available after completing missions in the app.

Play Parks App Pin

Play Parks App Pin

Disney Parks Play App Pins

The Sleeping Beauty sleeping mask is available at the Emporium for $12.99. Now might be a good time for a nap.

Sleeping Beauty Mask

That’s about it for today. Thanks for following us and stay tuned for more updates on all the construction projects around the Magic Kingdom and more!

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1 year ago

why would the soak station not be turned on in this kind of weather? didn’t it just get a major refurb? and is there any projected timeline on the moat/pathway project? did they ever say approximate project end?