We had to embark on the new Lion King scavenger hunt in Animal Kingdom!

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New “The Lion King” Scavenger Hunt Walkthrough at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Today, a new scavenger hunt themed to “The Lion King” debuted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with favorite characters from the beloved movie hidden all around Harambe Village. We headed over there to test our luck and try to spot them all.

All participating stores have some kind of signage outside. (This was outside Mombasa Marketplace!)

The maps are available at Outpost, Discovery Trading Company, Island Mercantile, and Mombasa Marketplace. Whether you choose to hunt for all the carvings or not, you can return your map to Mombasa Marketplace in Harambe or The Outpost Shop in the Oasis by September 28, 2019 or while supplies last for a savanna surprise.

The maps cost $6.99 each, and as mentioned, the scavenger hunt is purely optional. If you’re curious about the savannah surprises, they’re actually these wood magnets!

We were surprised by the quality of these prizes, given that the usual magnet at Walt Disney World can run you up to $9.99. You can opt to purchase all three for $6.99 each. They feature hand-painted designs of Mufasa (with baby Simba), Scar, and Simba with a Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo at the bottom.

The loot. In keeping with an environmentally friendly design, the map comes without a plastic sleeve, and the stickers are attached on the opposite side. It’s also printed on recycled paper. The magnets themselves are made out of repurposed wood, so each one is different.

An up-close view of these gorgeous magnets out in the sun. The colors really pop!

There are ten hidden Lion King characters around Harambe. Each time you spot one, you add the corresponding sticker to your map.

The back of the map also includes some fun Animal Facts about the animals featured (lion, warthog, meerkat, hornbill, hyena, mandrill) in the scavenger hunt.

Once you start, you’ll find that spotting these characters is somewhat harder than it seems at first.

But Hakuna Matata! With a keen eye, you’ll be able to spot them all.

We’ve listed each character sighting by number below. Use this in case you’re stumped or needing visual queues to complete your own map. Always keep in mind that as with most scavenger hunts around property, it’s good to keep looking up. The characters are usually perched atop buildings, nooks, pedestals, and shelves. For a full walkthrough showing you all of the exact spots, check out our video tour of the scavenger hunt below.

1 – Simba

2 – Pumbaa

3 – Mufasa

4 – Scar

5 – Mufasa, Sarabi, and Simba

6 – Rafiki

7 – Zazu

We had to include a close-up of this Zazu figure because it’s beautifully painted and carved.

8 – Timon

9 – Nala

10 – Simba and Nala

Those are all of the characters. If you’re still stumped, check out our video below, where we walk you through all of the character sightings across Harambe:

While you’re in Harambe Village, make sure you stop by and chat with some of the friendly Guest Experience Team cast members.

They’ll be giving out these neat Lion King activity packets, created in partnership with Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment, to commemorate the debut of the new movie!

Thanks for going through the scavenger hunt with us! Asante sana!

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1 year ago

Do you get a magnet for free by turning in the scavenger hunt?