PHOTOS: Walkway from Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort to Magic Kingdom Now Under Construction at Walt Disney World

The walkway from the Grand Floridan Resort to the Magic Kingdom that we reported on earlier is now under construction. Crews can be seen assembling materials near the Electrical Water Pageant canal for a bridge that would span that gap.

This bridge would allow for the long-awaited walkway to allow guests to cross the canal and reach the Magic Kingdom by foot from the Grand Floridian and Polynesian resorts, as well at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Views from across Seven Seas Lagoon show a large crane near the canal.

From the monorail, you can see large portions of metal staged for the bridge portion of the walkway.

Crews look to just be in the beginning stages of construction, so it may be some time before we see some real progress on the walkway.

It awaits to be seen as to how long this project will take to complete, but one would assume it would be done before Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on this story.

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2 years ago

This looks like sheet piling to me, which is installed vertically in overlapping segments, and is used to build dockwalls and/or stabilize shorelines. If I’m correct (and I might not be!), then this isn’t necessarily part of a bridge project. Sheet piles aren’t structurally load bearing elements in a bridge, but could be used to help stabilize the shore and prevent erosion around planned bridge footings. One way or another, I hope you’re right and that this is evidence of pathway construction. More options are always good!

David Fullerton
David Fullerton
2 years ago

Fingers crossed it’s a drawbridge, swing bridge or other movable bridge to accommodate the water patent barges. There’s a drawbridge next to China at World Showcase so it’s not out of the question.