PHOTOS: Lobby Reflooring and Refurbishment Making Quick Progress at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Guests visiting Art of Animation lately have probably noticed that the lobby has been under a bit of a refurbishment. We’ve been watching the reflooring taking place over the last couple months, and it seems to be moving along quickly.

Things are looking much different from our last visit. The new flooring appears to be filling most of the lobby now.

Construction is happening in the area directly across from the front desk check in area.

Outside of the construction curtain, we can see tape markings along the floor.

It looks as if some of the front desk stations were removed completely on both ends of the lobby.

On the other end, you can see more of the same markings on the floor. Maybe they’ll be returning the desks later.

Outside of the Ink and Paint Shop, the old flooring is most noticeable, and looks pretty dirty.

We can see where the new and old flooring starts to meet, near the Ink and Paint Shop gift shop. It looks like the last remaining old flooring is all located in front of the store.

The new flooring looks so shiny and clean in comparison, and less dated.

The restrooms and arcade are still open during the refurbishment. You’ll just have to use a creepy entrance to get there.

Nightmares often start like this.

We took a peek inside and saw the work in progress.

The lobby refurbishment is scheduled to take place through September, but it seems like they’re moving quicker than expected. We’re really liking the new changes to the flooring here at Art of Animation. It maintains the colorful, fun atmosphere in the lobby, while getting a cleaner, sleeker look. What do you think of the changes so far?

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