PHOTOS: Magic Kingdom “Arrival Experience Enhancements” Construction Update 7/26/19

The entrance to the Magic Kingdom has started to undergo the first phase of the new entrance enhancement project. We recently reported on some of the construction walls going up around the old bag check, but on our most recent visit, we spotted a few more changes.

As we approached the entrance, we noticed the awning from the old structure was gone. The entire structure has already been demolished to make more room. It looks like they’ll be moving over to the other side and removing that covered area next. It’s strange to look at the remains, twisted and piled up for removal.

There’s really going to be a lot of open space around here soon.

You can see piles of fencing off to the side, and lots of damage to the pavement from the old structure.

The bus loop is getting shortened to make room for an expanded walkway, and the project seems to be moving along quickly. And the cute new Sensational Six buses are also out and about this morning.

Some of the ground is scored as the pavement undergoes a make over near the bus loop, too.

Preparation for the bridge over the canal are underway. This bridge will allow a walkway to be built that will connect the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, and the Ticket and Transportation Center. This will be a great convenience for guests staying at these resorts that want to avoid taking the monorail. (We don’t blame you!)

From our last visit, it seems they’ve moved some metal framework to the other side of the canal.

These changes are greatly needed around here to accommodate the number of visitors to the parks daily. The arrival experience plays an important part in creating a positive experience for guests entering the parks, so we’re looking forward to seeing the changes! What do you think of everything happening around the entrance of the Magic Kingdom?