Back of Adult Spirit Jersey, Walt Disney World NBA experience

PHOTOS: New Basketball Spirit Jersey Bounces into the NBA Store at Disney Springs

The NBA Store only recently opened at Disney Springs, but we’ve already received a huge assortment of exclusive merchandise. Among all the new merchandise, we had our favorites, but today we spotted something else to add to our list. A new Spirit Jersey has arrived at Disney Springs, and it’s available in youth and adult sizes. Score!

NBA Experience Display of Spirit Jerseys

Adult Basketball Spirit Jersey – $64.99

This solid black Spirit Jersey comes adorned with Mickey Mouse on the front, and he’s ready to dunk the ball. Looking closer at the detail, we see he’s made up of an orange, bumpy texture like a basketball. That’s a nice touch!

Front of Adult Spirit Jersey from NBA Experience

Mickey with basketball on front of Spirit Jersey

When we turn it over, we see “Walt Disney World” across the back in basketball textured lettering, too.

Spirit Jersey Display NBA Experience Basketball Lettering

Back of Adult Spirit Jersey, Walt Disney World NBA experience

Close up of textured lettering of NBA Experience Spirit Jersey

Youth Basketball Spirit Jersey – $44.99

There’s also a youth sized Spirit Jersey available. The same basketball textured Mickey is on the front.

Front of NBA Experience Youth Spirit Jersey

The back of the youth Spirit Jersey also has the same textured “Walt Disney World” lettering.

Back of NBA Experience Youth Spirit Jersey

The NBA Store is already open at Disney Springs, but the NBA Experience won’t open until August 12. Even though these might give off a bit of a Halloween vibe with the orange and black, we’re sure these will be dribbling out of stores quickly. What do you think of this new Spirit Jersey at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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